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  1. Marseille, France
  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. The Foreverending Tales
  2. Drizzle, Vol. I: Into The Cold City
    by Izzie Drizzle
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  3. deception falls
    by exociety
  4. Madlib Medicine Show #5 - The History of the Loop Digga 1990-2000
    by Madlib
  5. Madlib Medicine Show #3 - Beat Konducta in Africa
    by Madlib
  6. Madlib Medicine Show #4 - 420 Chalice All-Stars
    by Madlib
  7. Madilb Medicine Show #11 - Low Budget High Fi Music
    by Madlib
  8. Madlib Medicine Show #7 - High Jazz
    by Madlib
  9. Dunnoe
    by Viktor Harter
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  10. Stack of Beats
    by 2eye
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  11. Memento Mortem EP
    by PR6STON
    wow. I'm really impressed with this album by Pr6ston feels more like a highly atmospheric and lyrical mini lp.
  12. Obsidian Phoenix
    by Ramona Star
  13. Sports
    by Modern Baseball
  14. RAMONA
    by Kill Bill
  15. Diary (2009 Edition)
    by Sunny Day Real Estate
  16. Miles
    by Blu & Exile
    You Ain't Never Been Blue You Ain't Never Been Blue
    What a freaking project. But how can one ever have low expectations when its Ex & Bl? 21 tracks of perfection im continuosly impressed by Blu's discography. And why shouldn't I be Blu is my favorite rapper of all time. So grateful i finally have had the resources to pay for this masterpiece.
  17. R3V
    by Viktor Harter
  18. ...
    by Ramona Star
    HEALER (Prod. Pax Orbis) HEALER (Prod. Pax Orbis)
    I like to fall asleep to this 😪
  19. Phenomenal
    by Scuare
    Hillside feat. Rav Hillside feat. Rav
    Excellent Scuare project my favorite since Alphabet Soup. Highly Reccomend!!!
  20. overflow.
    by Izzie Drizzle
    A well-paced deep dive into a personal and dark experience that climaxes in the end. Suits a dark room right before sleep. Samples are zanny, lyrics meticulous, and i look forward to see what i z z i e can do on her next project!