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Vicki S Nemeth

  1. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  2. Electronic
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  1. Ska Against Racism
    by Bad Time Records
  2. SPACE-Bandcamp Edition-
    R or L ? R or L ?
  3. The Black Box
    by aivi & surasshu
    Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You) Lonely Rolling Star (Missing You)
    by bryface
    the tuvan ascendancy the tuvan ascendancy
    bryface's juxtaposed melodies and pixelated beats exhibit complex joy and wonder.
  5. SPACE HYMNS (2013 Space Theodicy Edition)
    by Brother Android
    The Space Machine The Space Machine
    Our space robot shares humanity's breath and heartbeat in minimal tones.
  6. Roots
    by Danimal Cannon
    Forest Gnome Shindig Forest Gnome Shindig
    No progchip chiprocks like Danimal Cannon chiprocks. By the way, this chip album rocks.
  7. Morning Palace
    by Yoann Turpin
    Grand Central Grand Central
    Morning Palace is my smoothest groove since learning how to make hot chocolate with real milk and cocoa powder in thick ceramic.
  8. Ego Depletion
    by an0va
    animus animus
    This album's harmonies and rhythms comprise many layers of sunshine and amazeballs.
  9. Rhythm'n'Bits
    by Yoann Turpin
    You are just an animal You are just an animal
    Yummy, yummy disco chips taste like yam fries with chipotle cream.

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  1. Bastion: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  2. Rhythm'n'Bits
    by Yoann Turpin