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  1. Labor
    by Small Sur
    The Salt The Salt
  2. Life in Miniature
    by Needleleaf
    White Room White Room
  3. Deep Beneath the Mountain in the Palace of Owls
    by Nick Castell
    Uhlovitsa Uhlovitsa
  4. Yellow Raincoats
    by I Have A Tribe
    Yellow Raincoats Yellow Raincoats
  5. Rosshalde
    by Jackeyed
    Hallways redolent of cooking and coffee Hallways redolent of cooking and coffee
  6. fist
    by peter j hochstedler
    tricky devil goat man tricky devil goat man
    very beautiful and strange sound, bought all the albums in, not regretting one of them. okay there is one: i hate live recordings, with all the clapping going around. so "o my bones" was out of the collection
  7. Les Valses Invisibles EP
    by Oskar Schuster
    Les Sablons Les Sablons
  8. Mostly Winter Sometimes Spring
    by Brian Campeau
    Like This One Like This One
    can't get enough of this melodies, love the lyrics and there is always something glittering these songs that you don't expect. campeau is one of the really great ones. bought them all, love them all.
  9. April to July
    by 40 Winks
    on the set on the set
    can't get enough of them. quirky and strange and always full of surprises. samples like dream fragments. never angry, always kind.
  10. More Than Loops (Japanese Edition)
    by 40 Winks
    are you comfortable? are you comfortable?
    can't get enough of them. quirky and strange and always full of surprises. samples like dream fragments. never angry, always kind.
  11. There Is A Home For You
    by a Singer of Songs
    One Night One Night
    pure acoustic, beautiful melodies, clever lyrics, every song catches you in its own way. don't click by. give it ten minutes and you won't regret it
  12. Unwind
    by ORI
    Soul Bird Soul Bird
    i really hope all this strangeness in sound and voice never stops. this guy is beautifully strange, you can't grasp him, he is like some strange colibri flitterin through the air making beats and sounds. check out his project folo. more strangeness will come your way.
  13. Easy Mountain
    by Peter and the Wolf / Redding Hunter
    hazy lions hazy lions
  14. Pawn Shop
    by Pawn Shop
    Midnight Run Midnight Run
    their album-covers make them look like a garage punk band but they move so soulful that they shoudl make a redo of their cover. no vocals, and they don't need them. pure pleasure.
  15. Archaeology
    by Josh Furey
    Behavior Control Behavior Control
    i fell in love with his album PETALS. this one is still nice, but on PETALS you can hear the change and the goodbye to all those over displayed noises.
  16. Bolu
    by Tom Rosenthal
    Run For Those Hills, Babe. Run For Those Hills, Babe.
    with tom rosenthal you can't go wrong. there are always some quirky songs but the allover sound of this man is based on his piano and the time he takes to move gently through a song
  17. I'll Be Around
    by Ellis Swan
    Red Winged Blackbird Red Winged Blackbird
    stepping carefully, sometimes moving in the ways of sparklehorse, sometimes losing himself in himself and this are his greatest moments
  18. Theatrics
    by Puzzle Muteson
    River Women River Women
  19. Wooden Castles
    by Dave Gerard & the Watchmen
    Cureless Love Cureless Love
  20. Salt For Salt
    by Brown Bird
    Fingers To The Bone Fingers To The Bone
  21. Lights Out
    by Muscovy
    Lights Out Lights Out
    the rhythms, the voices, the poetry - think of matt harding meeting kings of convenience. beautiful instrumentals mixed in with lyrical songs
  22. To the Horizon, Sir
    by Iain Morrison
    Lost with the Archipelago Lost with the Archipelago
    if you need a safe haven from the exhausting days of your life you may be very welcome in this sound. the lyrics, the peace and this soothing beats inbetween. every album is a gem in itself. i just have to skip all the traditional piping songs on two albums. i never liked bagpipes, they sound like tormented banshees, and the only emotion in my heart that's happening turns into a prayer to end it soon. start with this album and finish with Empty Beer Bottle. life can be only be so beautiful.
  23. Magic
    by Dylan Campbell
    An Ocean An Ocean
    beautiful rhythm and a soothing voice, you've got to discover his small cosmos of wonders. the arrangements build up on each other like small buildings chasing each other
  24. Alex Keiling & the MaryJill band
    by The Wooden Wolf
    Oh you're a pain in the ass Oh you're a pain in the ass
    this guy comes from france and does everything bright eyes stopped doing years ago. his sound is friendship, sadness and there is always a nice erotic touch. i guess this is his first album, listen to the others, they are even better and they will do you good
  25. Ghost Party
    by Scott Orr
    ghosts ghosts
    so this is one of the weaker orr-albums. i have all the others so there was no way to let this one slide. listen to the others ones. listen to the magic.
  26. No Excuses Wednesdays
    by Since 1902
    Lonely Bird Lonely Bird
    this is a strange band, and i really like their strangeness. the moved in slowly into my collection, now they are living there and still sounding strange. sometimes i think of gomez, sometimes i think of rhubarb.
  27. Half Truths EP
    by The Real Efforts of Real People
    Prole Subliminal Prole Subliminal
    say it like this: there is beauty in almost every song.
  28. Who's That In The Fog?
    by Tom Rosenthal
    Outerspace Mover Outerspace Mover
    ah, what a strange musician. he is a mix of jens lekman and i don't know what. love the words the voice the music.
  29. Outside Broadcast
    Forest & The Squirell of Kyle-Na-No Forest & The Squirell of Kyle-Na-No
    i love this collective. had to wait a long time that something as got and mixed up as The Reindeer Section would come along. here it is. both albums are gold.
  30. The Bearer of Bad News
    by Andy Shauf
    Jerry Was A Clerk Jerry Was A Clerk
    i really like his rumbling ways. he always sounds like he has stolen a bar and put it in an old van and now he is driving through country, letting people into the bar and everybody gets silent and the music starts. don't miss him. he is a great songwriter.
  31. Autumn Might Have Hope
    by Small Town Boredom
    Apologies For Apathy Apologies For Apathy
  32. Autumn Stories
    by Fabrizio Paterlini
    Week #12 Week #12
    i do love the older albums more. hate it when they decide to put strings into it. as if the piano isn't enough. so i skip the string arrangements. life can still be good without someone scratching the guts of a cat.
  33. Fold in the Wind
    by House of Wolves
    Love Labored Lost Love Labored Lost
    this sound seems old and rusty, it seems like a faraway band who's waiting for the wind to blow them away. because it is so far away from the sound of depeche mode, let's say it in the words of depeche mode: i just can't get enough
  34. self-titled
    by Jon Middleton
    In the Clouds In the Clouds
    fell in love even before he started to sing
  35. The Lost Sea
    by Right Away, Great Captain!
    Are You The Light? Are You The Light?
    fragile and beautiful. listen to this after you have listened to the album The Church Of The Good Thief and especially to the song Old Again
  36. Blasts Of Holy Birth
    by Lewis & Clarke
    We Think We Have Eyes We Think We Have Eyes
    there are not enough word to describe this band. i love the album Bare Bones and Branches even more. just listen to it, you will find the words
  37. Spruce Goose
    by Gareth Dickson
    As you lie As you lie
    lot of astonishing instrumentals and in the middle of some of them there comes the voice and you have no idea where it had been that long. hope he makes his next album soon.
  38. I Made This For You
    by The Mountains & The Trees
    Goodbye Little Town Goodbye Little Town
  39. Breakers
    by Gem Club
    Twins Twins
  40. Meandering in Streams of Reflection/Auguries of Innocence
    by :novemthree:
    Reaching the Summit at Nightfall Reaching the Summit at Nightfall
  41. Let The Darkness Go (2007)
    by Brian MacMillan
    Waking UP With You Waking UP With You
    never heard such uplifting music, it always makes me grin, the melodies are a pure delight, very catchy, very close. if you could say there is decnt music, here it is
    appears in 1 other collection
  42. Prayer Flag
    by Pickering Pick
    Morningside Morningside
    there are no bland words for pickering pick. though i have to say i have to get used to the name. at the beginning i thought just by the name that he is an old man who falls asleep over his banjo. wonderful lyrics, a clear guitar. he can turn every bad morning into a good one
  43. Shadow of the Pilon
    by Pawn Shop
    their covers make them look like a garage punk band but they move so soulful that they should make a redo of their cover. no vocals, and they don't need them. pure pleasure.
  44. Instant Cash EP
    by Pawn Shop
    Fat Face Fat Face
    their covers make them look like a garage punk band but they move so soulful that they shoudl make a redo of their cover. no vocals, and they don't need them. pure pleasure.
  45. Sam Jones Feeds His Demons
    by Andy Shauf
    Two Little Clouds Two Little Clouds