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  1. The Beach
    by Nostalgia85
  2. 別の頭部移植
    by 空手王
  3. A Gothic Tale
    by Nameless Hero
  4. Borderline
    by Duett
  5. Metropolis
    by Metropolis
  6. IKARI-蒸気波LP II
    by 空手王
  7. Thousand Miles Away
    by Nostalgia85
  8. Borderline
    by Duett
  9. High End Autosound
    by Jon
    Retronica Retronica
    Great mix of technological vapor vibes and synthwave. Cant wait to watch the DVD!
  10. Astrowave E.P.
    by FM Attack
  11. BUY NOW: Summer Vapors Vol.3
    by Pool House Ltd.
  12. MURALS
    by OGRE
  13. Instances
    by Stratos Zero
  14. Lost World
    by VHS Dreams
    What I recall, what I am so nostalgic about, is nothing but a memory of a fantasy...
  15. TRANS AM
    by VHS Dreams
  16. VHS Dreams The EP
    by VHS Dreams
    Bodywork Bodywork
  17. North Point Mall: Anniversary Edition
    by VHS Dreams™
  18. Nightmare Vision: Music for Film
    by Karate King
  19. Millennium Passion
    by Home Visions™
  20. EGO
    by bl00dwave
    Nothing Lasts Forever Nothing Lasts Forever
    This record is a marvel of authenticity and genuine emotions. It's great to see an artist evolve beyond genres/scenes and bring all of his influences in one perfect amalgamation. Glad this is on CD, I snagged one!
  21. ZETA
    by ZETA
  22. Discotek
    by Midnight Driver
    Discotek Discotek
    Amazing album! best stuff is the disco beat throughout, this album combines what we like about synthwave and what we like about classic disco into one! Highly recommended! I'll spin some of the tracks at the club
  23. Artifact
    by Paradox Obscur
  24. SENSUAL パラダイス
    by 空手王
  25. Panama Papers
    by Runners Club 95
  26. BUY NOW: Summer Vapors Vol. 2
    by Pool House Ltd.
  27. BUY NOW: Summer Vapors Vol. 1
    by Pool House Ltd.
  28. 青少年の墓 [Tomb of Youth]
    by 空手王
  29. 空手王の非常に成功した蒸気波EP
    by 空手王
  30. Infinite Pleasures
    by 空手王
  31. Flow
    by Eternity Vision
  32. Solar Drifter
    by Waveshaper
  33. MURALS
    by OGRE
  34. Ninja Domination
    by Cobra Strike Force
    Vapor Trail Vapor Trail
    I had to have this!! Excellent work, one of the best albums of early 2017, this has exactly what you need from the synthwave genre!
  35. Way Past Your Bedtime
    by unitrΔ_Δudio
  36. Annihilator II: Steele Vengeance OST
    by Various Artists
  37. Backstab
    by Nostalgia85
  38. Time Machine
    by Damokles
  39. City Boy
    by Renz Wilde
  40. Midnight Maimer
    by Cluster Buster
  41. 空手のラプソディ
    by 空手王
  42. Infinite Pleasures
    by KARATE KING 空手王
  43. [MREC003] Haute
    by Stilz
  44. Blue Paradise
    by Phosフォス
  45. Sleepless
    by Perla Blue