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  1. Nothing Left to Fight For
    by Malleus Maleficarum
    Nothing Left to Fight For Nothing Left to Fight For
  2. Kalliolle, Kukkulalle
  3. Saatanalle
    by Rienaus
  4. Uprising
    by Uprising
    Uprise Uprise
    Dynamic, exalted and epic as fck. Dunno who W is but you are doing it right, lad.
  5. Lux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns Of Finnish Devil Worship)
  6. Pestilence Crawls Over Bloodstained Land
    by Hexensabbat
  7. Elegies of the Stellar Wind
  8. Haatstorm
    by Zwartplaag
  9. Within the Sylvan Realms of Frost
    by Demoncy
  10. Demon Summoning
    by Eternal Alchemist
  11. Ut de graute olle Tied - Deel 1
    by Heimdalls Wacht
  12. Shaped By Aeolian Winds
    by Hæthen
  13. Wanderer
    by Hæthen
  14. Endlichkeit IX
    by Endlichkeit
  15. Endlichkeit VI–VIII
    by Endlichkeit
  16. Endlichkeit III–V
    by Endlichkeit
  17. Endlichkeit I–II
    by Endlichkeit
  18. Gestalte
    by Gestalte
  19. Unaussprechliches Entsetzen
    by Ungesehen
  20. Eichenwald
    by Eichenwald
  21. I
    by Malakhim
  22. Bluotrunst
    by Dethroned
  23. Azerate
    by Nybbas
  24. Tussen werelden
    by Cultus
  25. Demo MMXVII
  26. Tormenting The Holy
    by Black Goat Vomit
  27. Unendliche
    by RævJäger and Nahadoth
  28. Realms of Magickal Sorrow
    by Old Sorcery
  29. II
    by Spectral Kingdom
  30. Op under Fjeldet toner en Lur
    by Neverlur
  31. More True Than Time Thought
    by Hedge Wizard
  32. Enchantment of the Ring
    by Secret Stairways
  33. Tear off Your Wings - Meditations
    by Witches Moon
  34. My Path
    by Celastael