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Stefano Volontè

  1. Fontanafredda, Italy
  2. Metal
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  1. Creation (Single Mix)
    by The Daysleepers
  2. Wake Up
    by Aseul
    Wake Up Wake Up
  3. Floret
    by Thud
    Venture Venture
  4. スーパーカー( Super Car )
    by MOJA
    Jungle Drive Jungle Drive
  5. 過誤の鳥(A Bird In The Fault)
    by 明日の叙景(Asunojokei)
    石榴(Pomegranate) 石榴(Pomegranate)
    An excellent work that is able to condensate a delightful killing spree with evoking and melting melodies.
    Bought istantly.
  6. Years
    by HalloweenStabParty
    You'll Never Know You'll Never Know
    Great as always. Hoping in a physical release.
  7. Some of the songs
    by Sound and Fury
    Sonw Song Sonw Song
    I hope to hear more of your song in the future, and also hope in a physical release.
    Great work.
  8. Leave Me Here
    by HalloweenStabParty
    Lost Love Lost Love
  9. This Astro EP
    by La Casa al Mare
    I Don't Want To I Don't Want To
  10. Mori
    by Aokigahara Online
    Mori Mori
  11. untitled
    by Cosmic Child
    Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope
    You guys are great.
  12. dancefloor muthafucka! digipak
    by goreshit
    beautiful loli thing beautiful loli thing
  13. with all my heart. digipak
    by goreshit
    dreams of falling dreams of falling
    Thank you for being with us, mr Goreshit. Your music has the power to transform the nightmare of life in a soft dream.
  14. Denouement
    by Abyssal
    The Moss Upon Our Ruins The Moss Upon Our Ruins
  15. New Pop
    by ASEUL
    The Bedroom Demos The Bedroom Demos
    My favourite album of the year.
    Her soft vocals kindly drowns into a fuzzy wall of catchy beats and gloomy samples, that you just can't stop replaying. Generally speaking it all sounds more mature, elaborated and professionally produced. I can feel a different approach with an exploration of a wider range of genres. Urban and melancholic vibes for a perfect night drive.
  16. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius
    by Abyssal
    The Tongue of the Demagogue The Tongue of the Demagogue