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vestas aka Alex P. Palmieri

  1. Taranto, Italy
  2. Electronic
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  1. Utility
    by Barker
  2. Remote Viewing
    by Comit
  3. Cheers From Italy 250mg
    by V/A
  4. Bodied
    by Ital Tek
  5. Sponsored Content
    by Antwood
  6. Building a Better World
    by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h
  7. place : georgia
    by place
  8. Healing Sounds: A Compilation for Hurricane Recovery
    by Various Artists
  9. Modular Works III
    by State Azure
  10. XLR8R+015 (Curated by Circle of Live: Amp Fiddler, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert, and Vril)
    by XLR8R+
    subscriber exclusive
  11. XLR8R+007 (Robert Dietz and Julia Govor)
    by Various Artists
    subscriber exclusive
  12. XLR8R+013 (Fluxion, Silverlining, Redeyes, and Keita Sano)
    by XLR8R+
    subscriber exclusive
  13. XLR8R+005 (Scuba, Alex Smoke, and Janeret)
    by Various Artists
    subscriber exclusive
  14. Emotional Gun
    by Katatonic Silentio
  15. V1
    by Train To Eltanin
  16. Lly Spirals
    by Herva
  17. Zoned In (feat. Mumdance)
    by Logos
  18. NOP-100: scape | y.7
    by Various Artists
  19. Anchorhold
    by Ana Caprix
  20. Stangentanz
    by Die Wilde Jagd
  21. Urban Monogamy
    by Eva Geist
  22. New Year
    by Croatian Amor
  23. Bronze Goddess
    by Upsammy
  24. A Walk In Twilight
    by Upsammy
  25. Gizeh
    by Sons of Traders
  26. Happy Earthday
    by Bjarki
  27. Untitled
    by Acronym w Korridor
  28. BeMyDelay - Bloom Into Night
    by Boring Machines
  29. Plastic Gods
    by Santoine / Religius Order
  30. Cygnus Loop
    by V/A
  31. K
    by Donato Dozzy
    by Various Artists
  33. Empty
    by Pulsar
  34. Radiant Flux
    by Plant43
  35. Planet of Death
    by ishi vu
  36. Beauty and Decay
    by OMI5
  37. De Diepe Wereld
    by Audiosport 8
  38. Mary, You Were Wrong
    by Mary Lattimore
  39. スリープ 研究 プログラム
    by woob
  40. Третий
    by SARS
  41. Cumulus Cubes EP
    by ロフト tapes
  42. Midnight
    by Soon
  43. Zauberberg
    by GAS
  44. Cash On The Line
    by Admiral
  45. The Early Tapes
    by XXXV gold fingers
    appears in 1 other collection