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  1. Whac-A-Mole
    by Clang!
  2. Pure Salt
    by Avola + Foster
  3. Consensual Abduction
    by Avola
  4. When It Reigns It Poors Series - Vol 6: Live at Freque Space
    by Avola
  5. Dedicated Sampler
    by Homeworld
  6. KY'TN
  7. Ugh
  8. Noodletown June 2019
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  9. When It Reigns It Poors Series - Vol 5: Live at Killingsworth Dynasty
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  10. When It Reigns It Poors - Vol 4: Live at the Ming Lounge
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  11. When It Reigns It Poors Series - Vol 1: Electric Friendship on Solstice
    by Avola
  12. Avola / System Lords Split
    by Avola
  13. When It Reigns It Poors Series - Vol 3: Live at the World Famous Kenton Club
    by Avola
  14. Phantom Force
  15. Bad Vibes
    by Shit and Shine
  16. The Epic
    by Kamasi Washington
  17. The Third Helix
    by Drew McDowall
    Impulse Impulse
  18. The Beast You Are
    by Big Business
  19. 輪 迴
    by Sabiwa
  20. Country Music of Western Kenya: 45s from the archive of Shem Tupe
    by Shem Tupe, Justo Osala, Enos Okola
  21. Hérésie (1979)
    by Univers Zero
  22. Hull
    by Daniel Menche
  23. MMXVII
    by Creston Spiers
  24. Sister
    by JACE
  25. Bonehead
    by FMVEE
  26. Yoga Nidra Meditation
    by Chuck Pereda & Natalia Szendro with Pulse Emitter
  27. Bled It Bleed
    by Leech Beech
  28. Zone
    by Avola
  29. End Of An Era
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  30. R.U.N.KiL (Vern Avola + Jeph Nor) Live At Volt Divers April 2016
    by Avola
  31. The Bunnies Are Watching
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  32. Splatter Hound
    by BEAST
    As always, another SHREDDER!
  33. Puppy Power
    by BEAST
    Soooo gooooooooood
  34. Memory
    by Golden Donna
    subscriber exclusive
  35. Liebe Für Alle
    by Avola
  36. Hiss Spun
  37. EP Self Titled
    by MARE
  38. Back At Home
    by EMS + Jem
  39. Live 5.13.17
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  40. On Borrowed Time
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  41. It's Back
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  42. Live at Volt Divers 2015
    by Avola
  43. At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem
    by Diamanda Galás
  44. R.U.N.KiL Live at Volt Divers July 2016
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive
  45. Live at International Noise Conference Portland
    by Avola
    patronage exclusive