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  1. Astral Crusades
    by Ecryptus
  2. Rancorous
    by Ecryptus
  3. So Much For The Tolerant Left
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
  4. White Nationalism is for Basement Dwelling Losers
    by Neckbeard Deathcamp
  5. Celtic Kings
    by Rocka Rollas
  6. Uncured
    by Boarcorpse
  7. Pain Will Define Their Death
    by Vitriol
  8. Mutant League
    by DVS
  9. Chamber of Horrors
    by Destroyer of Light
  10. Evil Aggressor
    by Lethal Shock
  11. Death Stuff
  12. Where Did All This Dirt Come From
    by Music Hates You
  13. Death Is This World
    by Jagged Vision
  14. Enemy of Duality (Vedic Metal)
    by RUDRA (Singapore)
  15. Faces Turn Away
    by Kassad
  16. Anhilla
    by Flesh of the Stars
  17. DVTV
    by DVS
  18. LDR003: Cry for Black Dawn EP
  19. Monolith
    by From Exile

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