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  1. Causa
    by Vitalism
    Bipolarity Bipolarity
    Music is expressive, right? The tunes we choose to jam at any particular time tend to reflect our own emotions while listening, though not by rule.
    Then there is music which AFFECTS your emotions while listening. This EP does that, though not as you'd expect: it makes me HAPPY! Like stupid, shit-eating-grin-on-my-face happy. That & the technical ability of the musicians is absolutely fucking spectacular!! I paid 2x the minimum for these 4 songs. I NEVER do that! Ever. Buy it now. Worth it.
  2. Catharsis
    by A Wanted Awakening
    Final Ascent: Exodus Final Ascent: Exodus
    Awesome instrumentation but the real highlight is in the lyrics & vocals: Cleans are simply OUTSTANDING w/ the right amount of non-clean singing of broad range. I can tell you this: my wife (to whom Music isn't important) loves this album as much as I do & for all the same reasons, so we bond over it. Crazy.
    Pilgrimage is another favorite track, with vocal abilities on full display. It's also the only time you'll hear a "Ree" because it perfectly fits. I usually hate piggy vocals, but not this 1
  3. Demiurgus
    by Equipoise
    Dualis Flamel Dualis Flamel
    Unbelievably Technical with an elite assortment of guest musicians, this album still manages to be musical most of the time, something not always accomplished when reaching this level of mind blowing technicality. I previewed this before I bought it which motivated me to pay more than the $9.99 minimum to get the CD. It's worth every goddamn penny! Favorite track: Aside from every instrumental track on the album: Dualis Flamel stands out most.
    by Autumn's End
  5. Scent
    by Walking Across Jupiter
  6. ANIMUS COMPLEX (Self Titled)
  7. Janus (Feat. Jim Martin)
    by Man Made God
  8. Portal
    by Valsa Pintura
  9. Word of Life
    by Valsa Pintura
  10. The Emulsion
    by Valsa Pintura
  11. Flub
    by Flub
    Last Breath Last Breath
    This album turned my mind into jelly! A little short, but every second is massively enjoyable! Every song has something unexpected & there's not a dull moment. I don't actually have a "Favorite Track" as every fucking one is STELLAR for their own reasons. 5 Horns out of 5.
    \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/
  12. Identity
    by The Arbitrary
    Verdant Echoes Verdant Echoes
    WOW! This great instrumental music checks all the boxes: Technical, listenable/musical, engaging/entertaining, emotive & fun. The songs are each just long enough to get their message across w/o meandering or going on too long, something that a track or two on the Entropy [EP] suffered from. This shows a clear maturation as both songwriters & musicians. You can name your price & I encourage you to pay something if you can (I was happy to) so these dudes can keep doing what they're doing.
  13. The End of an Era | Rebirth
    by Inferi
  14. Matter
    by Crossing the Rubicon
  15. Sephirot - EP 2017
    by Dethrone The Corrupted
  16. Combust Into Infinity
    by Diminish The Gods
  17. Diminish The Gods
    by Diminish The Gods
  18. Charon's Awakening
    by Charon's Awakening
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  19. Scars Remind Me
    by KRYN
    B.l.e.a.k. B.l.e.a.k.
    Where do I start? The vocals are AMAZING, Instrumentals are PERFECT & something about the entire album manages to feel both familiar & fresh at the same time. It's pretty fucking uncanny! B.l.e.a.k. (aKoustic Version) is a bonus track & it's SPECTACULAR!! I told my wife it's the ONLY "sad" song allowed to be played at my funeral, though it's not quite depressive, just HIGHLY emotional & wonderful!!
    It gets it's own track on the Kryn [EP] which is Name Your Price. Grab it, now!
  20. Algorythm
    by Beyond Creation
  21. Arch Echo
    by Arch Echo
  22. Revenant
    by Inferi
  23. Funeral Winds
    by Wastewalker