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  1. What I Should Do
    by Brendo + Addison Rich
  2. ENKI
    by Baby Tap
    Up The Fuck Up The Fuck
    STREAM BABY TAP NOW!! Insta-buy, no brainer! I can't BELIEVE how little reach this has on Bandcamp, I seriously hope this blows up! Insane production that will stimulate your brain
  3. Last Splash
    by The Breeders
  4. Platypus
    by Beetle + DJ HYPERCRINGE
  5. music for bugs
    by camiidae
  6. Escaping the cat
    by Tiny Mouse
  7. Julie(XXX027)
    by DADs
  8. Jango
    by Pluralist
  9. Keys To The Gate
    by death's dynamic shroud
  10. Midnight Tangerine
    by death's dynamic shroud
  11. What Do Dogs See When They Have a Flashback?
    by Anita Velveeta
  12. Western Amphibians
    by Anita Velveeta
  13. Pay Attention To Meeee
    by Boy Jr.
  14. Leo
    by Gobekli
  15. Biblically Accurate Fursona
    by Anita Velveeta
    by Anita Velveeta
  17. From a Distance
    by death's dynamic shroud.wmv
    NUWRLD Mixtape Club exclusive
  18. max says relax Vol. 2
    by MAX RAD
  19. all lizards go to heaven!!!
    by lizzy's personal army
  20. First Love
    by Astra King