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  1. Analog Sunrise
    by Vector Hold
  2. Teleported 2
    by Myka 9
  3. Starfarer
    by Starfarer
  4. New Output (Remastered)
    by Sferro
    A total benchmark synthwave classic. Been a fan of this track for years and now it's time own it. Putting this is my heavy rotation DJ sets.
  5. Selection 4
    by Mitch Murder
  6. tracer
    by coda
  7. Starbound
    by Shnabubula
  8. Velvet Vendetta
    by Bionic Resistance
  9. Bloodlight
    by Goremall
  10. Hypercube
    by Glitch Black
    Hackerface Hackerface
    Glitch Black lives up to his name with Hypercube. First thing I found impressive was the production. Very transparent a lot of time and energy went into this endeavor. Second thing I noticed was how melodic every track was and blatantly catchy. Very reminiscent of darker tones of mid to late 90’s Goa Trance while at the same time preserving the genre origin. Progressive at times which is pleasing to the hear.
  11. The Pink Album
    by Felikitty
  12. In Bloom
    by Mr.Tengu
  13. New Look, Same Flavor
    by Felikitty
  14. Compendium
    by Mr.Tengu
  15. Dominus Infernus
    by Glitch Black
    Dark Sanctum Dark Sanctum
    Glitch Black's latest offering brings us what real definition of Dark Synth is. These beautiful crafted tracks transcend darkness, a sense of urgency and good old fashioned video game scoring. The entire album is perfectly mixed with the high quality production and craftsmanship you expect from GB. The album almost tells a story in a sense when listening from beginning to end. Take note of the punchy drums, the dynamic I think I enjoy most about Dominus Infernus. A triumph on all levels!!
  16. Vertical Dreams EP
    by Bionic Resistance
    Fading Memories Fading Memories
    What can you say about Bionic Resistance? His production quality is smooth as silk just the theme of this EP. Each track is perfectly crafted giving the listener the visual of old school skateboarding. I bump this EP at work on a regular basis when I need to escape reality. A triumph on all levels!!
  17. Death Spiral
    by Glitch Black
  18. The Ecstasy of Life
    by DDRKirby(ISQ)
    Dawn Dawn
    I discovered DDRKirby(ISQ) by randomly searching Chiptunes on bandcamp and discovered this gem. I bought the CD right away. Mind blowing chiptune music that really raises the bar. Dawn is my favorite tune and its get the full blast treatment in my truck while driving. Buy this now!
  19. Amiga Hits!
    by Lizardking
    Nordic Report #1 Nordic Report #1
    Wow, talk about Epic. This is some of the finest Amiga Chiptune music in existence. I'm glad Bleepstreet put this out. Lots of fun to listen to and have a pool party.
  20. Chipsters EP
    by Ultrasyd
    チップチューン ラスタ チップチューン ラスタ
    Some fresh chiptune action right here. This has been in my CD player for weeks now. I loves me some Ultrasyd!!