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  1. Running in the Dark
    by Timecop 1983
  2. as we know
    by weird inside
  3. Waiting Room (Fugazi Cover)
    by Failure
    by Wizard of Loneliness
  5. CrossHarts
    by Alice Crosshart
  6. 天使 Lo-Fi
    by Alice Crosshart
  7. Forever
    by ED.
  8. Nautilus III: Recollections of A Translucent Past
    by My Sister's Fugazi Shirt
  9. 9'06"
    by The My Pet Flamingo Philharmonic Orchestra
  10. Miami Squeeze 2
    by Zak Vortex
  11. Palm City
    by 超高 Titan
  12. Groot In België
    by Timeshare'94
  13. To See the Next Part of the Dream
    by Parannoul
    아름다운 세상 (Beautiful World) 아름다운 세상 (Beautiful World)
    This album is straight up awesome. That opening track... amazing! Really love this album
  14. Miami Squeeze
    by Zak Vortex
  15. Lofi And Soft Piano
    by Indie Vibes
  16. D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L>S
    by Panchiko
  17. 我々はすべてしたい // DMT-102
    by haircuts for men
  18. Hino Ataru Basyo Ni Kiteyo
    by 宇宙ネコ子
  19. wither.
    by Takamachi Walk
  20. 解離 (Dissociation)
    by 二口魔菜 Futakuchi Mana