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  1. Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth (Doyle/López)
    by Roger Doyle
  2. Assembly For Body Movements (LP,Vinyl)
    by Zru Vogue
  3. Closer / Tam Tam
    by Codek
  4. Waiting For September
    by Suicide Dada
  5. Walls (Fun In The Oven)
    by Crass
  6. Saving Grace
    by Thomas Leer
  7. One Million Hamburgers
    by Hamburger All-Stars
  8. Cypher (Glyph)
    by Clock DVA
  9. Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat
    by Zach Phillips
  10. Stolen Car
    by Carl Stone
  11. Vi/deo
    by Xeno & Oaklander
  12. Wanton But Windblown
    by Berbel Nobodius
  13. The Wishing Balloons
    by Jung Analysts
  14. Sprockendidootch?
    by Jung Analysts
  15. LFSR
    by Zach Layton
  16. 512 Voices (for Soprano)
    by Zach Layton
  17. Stridulitrum (for Bowed Guitar, String Orchestra and Insect Chorus)
    by Zach Layton
  18. Chroma (for Orchestra)
    by Zach Layton
  19. Res
    by zach layton
  20. Depth of Field (for String Quartet)
    by Zach Layton