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  1. You Can Never Have a Long Enough Head Start
    by Floral Tattoo
    (my life fell apart this year) (my life fell apart this year)
    This was immediately one of my favorite albums as soon as I heard it. It's kinda hard to overstate it. It speaks to me so personally it feels like a perfect synthesis of every band I have ever loved 💜
  2. Happy Again
    by Stars Hollow
  3. dirt
    by kendall :3
    ufo ufo
  4. t.i.a.p.f.y.h.
    by Left At London
  5. POST-
    by Jeff Rosenstock
  6. begin
    by maya kern
    running blind running blind
    This album is really personally important to me. It just hit at a really intense time in my life and it was so beautiful and warm and comforting when I needed it. Like soup. Like being hugged by soup.
  7. Coast
    by Mel Stone
  8. Memories Of Tokyo-To
    by 2 Mello
  9. the first glass beach album
    by glass beach
  10. Eyedazzler
    by Alison's Halo
    Better than Slowdive, just saying 💜
  11. Getting Into Knives
    by The Mountain Goats
  12. good vibrations
    by maya kern
    good vibrations good vibrations
    Maya Kern is such an inspiration. She's basically the whole reason I wanted to pick up ukulele, to learn her songs.
  13. iv - Alien Configurations
    by Skirtchaser
  14. sixsix
    by cassette spence
  15. Back of the House
    by Alice Knows Karate
  16. don't be shy
    by maya kern
  17. winter heart
    by maya kern
  18. Reel
  19. Aurora
  20. In the Skin
    by In the Skin