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  1. No Image In Particular
    by Fousek / Hansen / Tellier-Craig
  2. The Galvanic Twitch
    by Matthias Urban
  3. Namaste, Judas
    by Glands Of External Secretion
  4. Hokmah
    by Bouchons d'Oreilles & Wojtek Kurek
  5. Preservation
    by Bruno Duplant & David Vélez
  6. Reasons For Balloons
    by Me, Claudius
  7. Ten Million Ways To Die
    by Dirt & Space
  8. Planned Obsolescence
    by Amulets
  9. Aqueducts
    by Papillon
  10. Zerbrechliche Commons
    by Chemiefaserwerk
  11. Opale
    by Giovanni Lami
  12. Carapace
    by Sequences
  13. Welcome, Electricians
    by Anne-F Jacques
  14. Transition
    by Billy Gomberg
  15. Unified Silla Period
    by Hep!Collective
  16. The Concentration Of Brown Owls
    by Monte Burrows
  17. I Would Prefer Not To
    by Dating
    beautifully depressive, anthemic shoegaze-emo(ish) stuff, with production that's somehow both cavernous and expansive. an excellent soundtrack to another pandemic year
  18. Racines
    by WILD
  19. ONE/Asphodel
    by Sulis Noctis
  20. Lines Tracker Jam
    by artists