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  1. Cut the Cord
    by Batfoot!
    Suzy is a Psychopath Suzy is a Psychopath
  2. HEXED
    by The Hallingtons
    Jesus freak Jesus freak
  3. Wanna-Be's - Out Went The Lights
    by Moms Basement Records
    What I Want Is You What I Want Is You
  4. Killer
    by Eatenbacktolife
    Invaders Invaders
  5. Love songs for the departed
    by Eaten back to life
    Contact With The Other Side Contact With The Other Side
  6. Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds "All I Hear Is Static"
    by The Copyrights, Sincere Engineer, Broadway Calls, Elway, The Bombpops, Brendan Kelly, Sundowner
  7. Depression
    by The Hearse
  8. The Lillingtons - "Pyramids"
    by Red Scare Industries
  9. Shit out of Luck
    by The Lillingtons
  10. Goin' Back To Wyo
    by Teenage Bottlerocket
    Walking The Yard Walking The Yard
  11. Handsome youth (Single)
    by Rope Sect
  12. Splitsville
    by Murderland
    Whatever Happened Whatever Happened
  13. Stella Sapiente
    by The Lillingtons
    The Walker The Walker
  14. Stay Rad!
    by Teenage Bottlerocket
    Stupid Song Stupid Song
  15. Project 313
    by The Lillingtons
  16. Stealing The Covers
    by Teenage Bottlerocket
    Don't Go Don't Go
  17. Horror Section
    by Horror Section
    Forever Gone Forever Gone
  18. No Discordance
    by Harker
    Nancy Downs Nancy Downs
  19. Close The Blinds
    by Varsity Weirdos
    Tall Man Tall Man
  20. Six Feet Deep
    by Tightwire
    Six Feet Deep Six Feet Deep