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  1. Melancholy Moon
    by Piva
  2. Swamp Santa
    by Fuzzy Cracklins Presents
  3. The Dungeons
    by Dungeon Altar
  4. Look To My Coming On The First Light Of The Fith Day
    by Taliesin The Bard
  5. A Place To Where No Pathway Goes
    by Taliesin The Bard
  6. Shamanic Twilight
    by Liholesie
  7. Children of the Sun
    by SLOTH
  8. PC Suicide
    by Bizarre Therapy
  9. All In Good Time
    by Familiars
  10. Abysmal Ruin
    by Nachtschwarz
  11. Erase(her)
    by CRSY
  12. Gem City Kush
    by Marijuana Johnson
  13. #61 - Split with Catafalque, Malvost & Bogwych
    by The Owl
  14. S A L A M A N D E R S
    by Indie Vibes
  15. Ghosts in the Street
    by Eternal Judge
  16. Next Year/Soul Food
    by Daniel Stephen Turner
  17. Materia
    by Dos Brujos
  18. Palapa Satellite II
    by Aexion
  19. Lunatic
    by N-616
  20. our sad fate 致命的なロマンスで