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    by Marla Van Horn
    Beautiful dark angelic doom/gloom/drone. Press play, sit back, go somewhere.
  2. Nero
    by Sibewest
    omg .. this is some pulse pounding sexy shit. I just love how it opens up adding another note or layer building upon the foundation. then the phonk trap begins followed by synth female vocals. damn. just damn.
  3. Bloodlust [Single]
    by DIЯTY|P∆WS
    Bloodlust Bloodlust
    DIЯTY|P∆WS "Bloodlust" hard, fast, unrelenting ... a musical blitzkrieg. Followed by "Lost Boys" which delivers an equal unforgiving forte.
  4. Holy Knight
    by citvdel blvck
    Love the beat, musical shift in the pulse, and the crescendo.
  5. Gallowdance
    by Lebanon Hanover
    Gallowdance Gallowdance
    Discovered LH via another's music library here. So happy I gave it a spin. Classic goth sound.
  6. D R U G W I T C H
    by Monvrch Muerte
    Another new discovery via UB. Phonk trap witch house! Love the mix of the piano in the track. I could put this on repeat and just chill. 5/5
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  7. Dismal Reality
    Another amazing "Top Shelf" chill piece by HAKKURAI.
  8. Black Lotus
    by 666GRAVES
    Recently discovered 666GRAVES via UB + MurkOOT. Black Lotus is a smooth somber dark journey. It's beautiful in it's effortless layered composition.
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  9. Witch Hunt
    by Ritual Drops
    If you love Witch House and do not know of Ritual Drops stop what your doing and hit play. The echo, vocals, energized music score, a dark place far away in the forest of your mind. RD delivers another fantastic nightmare piece of sound.
  10. Onslaught - ECR042
    Onslaught (Original Mix) Onslaught (Original Mix)
    Get your DooM on with "Onslaught". I can't get enough of ƉɌƎΔM ɃLΔCK.
  11. Mirta
    by Pino♱Angel
    Breath taking ... a cacophony of sound elements ... blended and bound yielding a transcending aria. /love
  12. Forever Forgotten
    by citvdel blvck
    Someone could correct me but I love the electronic organ/maybe xylophone? A slow paced heart pounding lament. Love it!
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  13. Dejection
    by Lorta
    Haunting female vocals coupled with a dark yet chill atmosphere. Heard you on UB btw. Amazing score you created.
  14. Camouflage
    by Vector Seven
    My first exposure to V7 resulting in a terminal dose due to how badass this track is. Cyber industrial synth wrapped in an outrun pace dominated by spoken vocals! Give it a spin.
  15. Night Despair
    You driving alone on an empty road while the moon shines over head. Light trails receding behind you while this sexy chill track plays on repeat. Wispy chill drifting female vocals set to an equally chill beat.
  16. Falling
    by Juche
    A sweet beat layered with multiple distinct vocal tracks. A cresendo builds smoothly while synth notes dance around you. A Masterpiece of art, music, and style.
  17. Phoenix
    to me there's a trap/phonk outrun yet in dark ominous tones. it's badass sexy to me. of course ... ymmv. in my 5/5 /fave list
  18. MPH
    by Juche
    There's energy, passion in the crafting of this piece, the vocals, the beat let alone the layering of it all... "MPH" is fantastic. A spirited ride indeed!
  19. Fly Away
    by Juche
    the vocals, ascending notes, dance energy throughout, time to take the t-tops off the Firebird and go for a nice drive along the coast.
  20. System
    by Juche
    Begins as something from "System Shock" the crescendo taking us into a pursuit pursuing cyberpunk beat. Only to break up falling in intensity before returning to the pulse pounding groove. /fave