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  1. Grey Unknown
    by Ambyion & Phelian
    Grey Unknown Grey Unknown
    Impressive EP. All tracks have so much cut my breath... 'Illusion' / 'Salvation' / 'Grey Unknown' sound like a powerful crescendo. Majestic vibration the whole time of this production. Thank you for this (master) piece of art.
  2. Sleepaway
    by Pensees
    flavour flavour
    How to don't fall in love with Sleepaway..? 'intro', 'flavour', 'lonely stone' are so many emotions which cross our inner world. But these emotions, are they real or dereal.. ?
  3. cycle
    by pensees
    milove milove
    I've discovered Pensees with this cycle EP and the first time I've listened the whole production... I was directly addicted to this. 'cycle' / 'milove' / 'she' / 'callovs'... so many hearing drugs inside !
  4. gravitation
    by pensees
    gravitation gravitation
    gravition is exactly the word for Pensees musical universe. Between the eponym track (especially), 'dawn', 'chronicle' and 'hollowly', this EP is litteraly a must-have.
  5. Your Lips
    by Pensees
    'Your Lips' must be listened with headphones to captivate all the soundscape of this impressive track. The dreamy downtempo is wandering among lovely fading percussions in the background. 'Your Lips' is one of the best work so far from Pensees until today. Absolutely stunning.
  6. Reaching for the Stars
    by Ambyion
    'Reaching for the Stars' is just... eargasmic. I find again the magic intensity as I've felt on Grey Unknown EP by Ambyion & Phelian. Love these gorgeous vibes... ♥
  7. Through the Silence
    by Ambyion
  8. Parallel Lines
    by Sterling Grove
    Parallel Lines feat. Monsoonsiren Parallel Lines feat. Monsoonsiren
    The eponym track 'Parallel Lines (feat. Monsoonsiren)' is... so insane. The soundscape of this music haunts literally your mind and the videoclip by Seb McKinnon.. ♥
    Well, otherwise the opus is full of gems as 'One Year Ago', 'La Vigie' even if the part i prefer is the 4 last tracks. Overall, Parallel Lines is a huge work of quality which deserves more recognition. Congrats Sterling Grove !
  9. Luna
    by Phelian
    Luna Luna
    Phelian is already a master in the future garage area. I've lost my mind during the whole time of this album, between 'Intro', 'Evenfall', 'Withering Flower', 'Luna'... wow ! What are these feelings ? It's totally insane.

    For those who like Pensees, Aether, VACANT...
  10. Trauma EP
    by Vacant
    Let Go Let Go
    A wonderful immersion in the night world with this nocturnal Trauma EP from the great VACANT. Each track are special and they form a whole... pure gem of 'Future Garage'.
  11. Second Nature EP
    by Vacant
    Last Bus Home Last Bus Home
    Perfect for an urban and nocturnal mood to better explore our inner world. So much beautiful compositions as the cover of this EP with hypnotic sounds, especially with the last awesome track...
  12. Motherland EP
    by Vacant
    Broke Broke
    First crush in 2015 about 'Future Garage' and this production has opened a new part of my musical life.. Thanks so much VACANT for this EP which is really mindblowing.. all tracks are just gorgeous.
  13. Inter Stellar
    by KOSIKK
    There is all that i love about Future Ambient inside this 'Inter Stellar' by KOSIKK... put your best headphone on your ears and let plays the soundtrack of your imagination... what a wonderful world, does it not ?
  14. Wild Light
    by 65daysofstatic
    Prisms Prisms
    Well, since I've discovered the universe of 65dos (~2009-2010), i've found Wild Light as their best work. A dark electro magic freely floods in their bright post-rock and the clash is like a splendid blend which is interweaving itselft at perfection. Welcome in the dark side of the Wild Light.
  15. sleepy loops
    by mvnners
    just don't go just don't go
    des sons doux et organisés de manière à ce qu'ils soient encore plus délicieux lors d'une nuit blanche... à retenter pendant les insomnies, c'est magique.
  16. away from you
    by mvnners
    static against these stars static against these stars
    a perfect piece of peace... calm and heavenly quintessence. I love references about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind inside this record. And 'static against these stars'... wow! I do the same with away from you EP such the whole production is beautiful... ♥
  17. Seelie
    by CLANN
    Hosts of the Air Hosts of the Air
    I don't know where to begin... it's a pure, genuine and inspirating condensed. Seelie is full of fairy magic, each track has his own bewitchment ('The Faerie Court (Under Sun / Moon)', the majestic 'Hosts of the Air' ♥, mellowed 'Closer', what about 'The Stolen Child'... just wow ! 'I Hold You' which concludes with perfection this opus)... I've been literally suprised all along Seelie and I want to say so much more things about it but listen... just, listen it in the entirety ! ☺
  18. KIN EP
    by CLANN
    KIN (soundtrack) KIN (soundtrack)
    All the lore around KIN (Fable) or CLANN is totally speechless, full of a real intensity and beauty. 'KIN (soundtrack)' and 'Her & the River' are so fantastic ! (and the videoclip for KIN... wow !!). CLANN needs really more recognition...
  19. Hidden Neighbors EP
    by Mister Lies
    Cleam Cleam
    Wanna discover ASMR with Mister Lies ? Just listen the intro of 'Cleam' and wait first synth waves to feel how is impressive (yes, the water effect is for something but not for all). Everything, beats, sounds, effects in this track are perfection (and the Audiotree session live is marvellous ♥). 4 unbeliavable tracks from Hidden Neighbors EP : a masterpiece.
  20. My Existence
    by The Moon Theory
    Big crush when i've heard 'My Existence' for the first time. This track sounds like Heaven... and I really love to have my head in the clouds like this... ♥
  21. The Future We Used To Have
    by Aether
    The Day We Met The Day We Met
    Sweet release on the whole album. Aether surprises me more and more with this kind of ambient / chill atmosphere...
  22. VESSEL
    by LORN
    I've discovered LORN with 'ANVIL' and the aesthetic of the videoclip has instantly touched me. The sound architecture is unique and deep both. His electro's shape has the power to deconstruct the odds and to surprise the listener. More than music, it's an experience to live. Just close your eyes...
  23. Ask The Dust
    by Lorn
    Ghosst's Ghosst's
    Welcome in the shining dark side of electro. LORN manipulates our mind, without difficulties, thanks to bewitching melodies. 'Weigh Me Down', 'Diamond' and 'Ghosst's' are the most haunted sounds. Don't be afraid, join the dark side 😎
  24. Echo Chamber
    by Stumbleine
    Comatose Comatose
    The eargasmic 'Comatose' opens this mindblowing Echo Chamber EP. Follow 'Drink Bleach' and 'Blowery'... wow ! Where am I finally ? Floating nowhere.. in the mood of daydreamin'
  25. Vessels of Time
    by Fading Language
    A Memory to Lay Waste To A Memory to Lay Waste To
    Vessels of Time is an irresistible piece of Ambient. All tracks are connected among themselves. Each details from these musics takes an other perspecive in our mind. The artwork represents perfectly where Fading Language wants to immerse the listener... and it's a sucess.
  26. Sleepless Nights
    by Matt Douglas
    Each new track from Matt Douglas brings a foggy and delicious minimalist musical background. The downtempo is, as always, perfect with all these dreamy and noisy vibes. Well... only pure emotions, and that's mind-blowing.
  27. Addiction
    by Matt Douglas
    'Addiction'... it's like to have the sensation to be face to face with the starry skies and feeling ourself floating more and more towards the empty space... impressive feeling ! Thanks so much for this piece of emotions Matt Douglas..
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  28. Regrets
    by Matt Douglas
    This music sounds like a special lullaby. The piano brings something softly smooth, and the atmosphere during the whole time of 'Regret's is totally delicious...
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  29. moments
    by nuages
    lost lost
    Am I really 'lost' among these moments ? I 'let go' some... 'ghosts' and 'machines' and all falling apart while I'm 'gone'... but where ?.. 'aware'... I'm 'lost' ♥
  30. Echavox - Queen of Heaven [STYLSS042]
    by Echavox
    Modjeska Modjeska
    There is something special in this LP. A real authenticity which inevitably hurts ourself, by its chill purity and bewitchment. Crushes on for 'Mumbles', 'I Know That I Can Change' and especially 'Modjeska' ♥
  31. Lone Stranger
    by Shah
  32. Mourner
    by Shah
    On 'Mourner' the musical atmosphere sounds like a little bit more delicate and shy but always full of sweet vibes and beautiful emotions.
  33. Lost My Mind
    by Shah
    Here the atmosphere of Shah i like... 'Lost My Mind' sounds like a search of reality among a hazy confusion, and the musical mood is absolutely fascinating...
  34. The Moment
    by Shah
    'The Moment' is such an incredible mix of a sweet voice, hauntingly guitar, dreamy downtempo and a shy piano to create this wonderful piece of peaceful. One of his best work, thank you Shah...
  35. Requiem
    by Shah
    Shah is a talented but unfamous artist who needs to deserve more and more recognition. between 'Sorrow' and 'Afterglow', he creates his own universe that is really pleasant to dream in it. 'Requiem' is a new ambient gem in his discography and is a wonderful music, as always.
  36. Afterglow
    by Shah
    The hearing atmosphere is like to be in a cocoon. Safe... with Shah as a mystical guide on this sweet 'Afterglow'.
  37. Sorrow
    by Shah
    Shah's haunting voice is tenderly dancing, as each times, among an inconspicuous piano, a bright guitar melody and a downtempo beat... such a great mix for a beautiful music as 'Sorrow'.
  38. A Moment For Eternity
    by Lazarus Moment
    Distant Memories From A Future Brighter Than The Sun Distant Memories From A Future Brighter Than The Sun
    The quintessence of Lazarus Moment is emanating with this Moment For Eternity. This record is like a condensed of the most beautiful intentions and memories from his creator Nils Kirchberg. It's not just words put on a special introspective journey but i sincerly recommand each of you to try a listen and i think 'Distant Memories From A Future Brigther Than The Sun' or 'Words That We Said' should enjoy your soul.
  39. Pearls In A Spiders Web
    by Lazarus Moment
    Wow ! The musical atmosphere of 'Pearls In A Spiders Web' is minimalist and rich both. Need to be listening with good heaphones and let yourself go...
  40. Reminiscence EP
    by Lazarus Moment
    Valley Of Fallen Angels Valley Of Fallen Angels
    Four pieces of light, quietness and fairytale. All these tracks are so many ways to escape towards a dreamlike journey...
  41. Were You Waiting
    by Liam Thomas
  42. Odyssey
    by Dream Koala
    Odyssey Odyssey
    'Odyssey' sounds like an intoxicating spiral which monopolizes our attentiveness... and destroys all inside. The following, 'Architect', is powerful too and lets the auditor in a special mood of (mental) confusion. Finally, 'Ocean' allows to sober up and breath... But what an Odyssey!
  43. Motion
    by Ambyion
  44. Boundless
    by Ambyion
  45. Fallen
    by Ambyion