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  1. Runaljod - Ragnarok
    by Wardruna
  2. Futha
    by Heilung
    Traust Traust
    This New album was like fresh blood fertilizing my hungry dead spirits
  3. Norupo
    by Heilung
  4. Invoking the Numinous
    by Anilah
    Iosis Iosis
    Love is wind i love the wind.
    The sky is freedom i love the sky.
    i go to sky i go for wind i go for
    dream i go for love i go away lets say goodbye.
  5. British Columbia
    Anilah VIP Club
    We never met in this time būt i knew in past there something in mist in trees in every raindrop even pasing by cars n streetlights whisper your name..
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  6. Warrior
    by Anilah
    Calling the Others Calling the Others
    This is perfect one i imagine in opening scene where ancient gods arive and start to produce crops transfoming wildest rainforest into flatlands..