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  2. Experimental
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  1. Leibniz in anima
    by Malady of Knots
  2. Bewildered Remixed
    by INYAN
  3. Solo for Two Tamburas
    by Catherine Christer Hennix
  4. Carrier Waves
    by Relay Station
  5. [lsd33] An Accurate Way Of Expressing Probability
    by Niacinamide
  6. Pelléas & Mélisande
    by Lauré Lussier
  7. LF17 / Edinburgh
    by Elizabeth Joan Kelly
  8. Caesura
    by fencepost
  9. a voicenote to the hierophant
    by Jettenbach
  10. Toward the Sun
    by Herne von Bòrmanvs
  11. Plays Away
    by Dental Drill Slips
  12. The Well-Tempered Diffusion Model
    by Cahn Ingold Prelog
  13. Cosmos Voyager
    by Irmán
  14. Galactic Demos part one
    by Lavatone
  15. Music From A Resurrected Room
    by WarpCensor
  16. [lsd31] Compulsory Count
    by David Dellacroce
  17. Ground Waves
    by Relay Station
  18. Departures
    by tourmaline hum
  19. Conscience
    by tourmaline hum
  20. On Sentinel Hill
    by tourmaline hum