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  1. Fourth of July
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Fourth of July (April Base Version) Fourth of July (April Base Version)
    Brave, tender, intelligent - have a listen.
  2. EPDEB
    by Juçara Marçal
    Odumbiodé Odumbiodé
    Juçara's voice - warm and daring - combines with the attack of Metá Metá. It makes me want to turn somersaults!
    by MNTH
    Pedra Sobre Pedra (Thavius Beck Remix) Pedra Sobre Pedra (Thavius Beck Remix)
    Luciano's Afro beats fizz with electrostatic; then a vocal track to swoon to...
    by Rayson He (何宇轩)
    Rebirth Rebirth
    Rayson He makes immersive cinematic music. Here the Shanghai composer is inspired by the closing lines of Solaris.
  5. Whenever You See Fit
    by Heavenly Creature x GoldMold
    Little Motel Little Motel
    Joel's 'Little Motel' is perfect - sweet and tender like the original. 'Fire It Up' was the one that I most enjoyed off that record.
  6. PLAZA
    Suzanne I'm Sorry Suzanne I'm Sorry
    Enjoyed Thom's set at Chordblossom's B'day Party. Who'd have thought that a little bottle of water could almost spell the end? Looking forward to the Deer's Head gig in October.
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  7. Everyday Sun EP
    by Roddy Woomble
    Straight To Blame Straight To Blame
    There's so much to enjoy on this Hebridean release. The spoken word sits naturally amidst the music and just feels right.
  8. Cities in Stitches
    by Two Nice Catholic Boys
    The Palm of Your Hand The Palm of Your Hand
    Slip between the backstreets of Antwerp and Berlin in this inventive scape of layered sound.
  9. I Would Not Live Always
    by John Francis Flynn
    A powerful voice: authentic, deeply rooted and a right twinkle toes, especially when playing the Flynn whistle!
  10. Warm Chris
    by Aldous Harding
    Tick Tock Tick Tock
    Beguiling, playful and wonderfully strange. Aldous continues to defy expectation.
  11. Boltfor
    by Mogwai
    Kind of a quiet build - from the forest floor to the mountain peak. See you's in Belfast in that thon big tent!
  12. Do
    by Cosmo Sheldrake
    Echolocation Echolocation
    Cosmo and Flora fill the woodland with their do's and don'ts. Sweet as a nut!
  13. GOLD – Go Forward in the Courage of Your Love
    by Alabaster dePlume
    The Sound Of My Feet On This Earth Is A Song To Your Spirit The Sound Of My Feet On This Earth Is A Song To Your Spirit
    A bumblebee has just buzzed into your ear. It is gold and black and tells you to go out into our broken, fucked up world.
  14. Visions Of Light
    by Ishmael Ensemble
    Feather Feather
    Caught this crew in the Black Box in Belfast. Their sound is big, bold, Bristolian!
  15. Everyone Was A Bird (Lo123)
    by Grasscut
    Halflife Halflife
    Grasscut's elliptical storytelling is augmented here by strings. The result is a soundtrack for marginal lives.
  16. Untamed & Beloved
    by the darkling air
    Untamed & Beloved Untamed & Beloved
    Nordie soul: brooding and tender.
  17. Tonkori in the moonlight
    by OKI
    OKI - Yaykatekar Dub (Love Dub) OKI - Yaykatekar Dub (Love Dub)
    A gem from Hokkaido. Danse in the snow, then huddle up with your new friends - these rhythms will warm the cockles of your heart!
  18. Civil
    by Sam Wickens
    Sam's delivery of this ballad is rich and resonant. The lyrics may be troubled and 'uncivil' but character wins through.
  19. Birdy Island (Remixes)
    by Howie Lee
    Layered and endlessly interesting.
  20. Koppies EP
    by Koppies
    Lightning Lightning
    The last song on this collaboration does it for me. Victoria's words are crystal clear.