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  1. Diptyque
    by WARFUCK
  2. Eastwood / Chadhel
    by Eastwood
  3. Bon Shit Bon Genre
    by LOVGUN
  4. Bog Bodies
    by Bog Bodies
    Side A Side A
    Intriguing, hypnotizing and surprisingly calming for such a distorted soundscape. Highly recommended.
  5. Antibiose
    by Eastwood
    Monoperceptose Monoperceptose
  6. 1-800-MONDAYS
    The Cynic Route The Cynic Route
    This record is all over the place, even compared to their previous records. And yet, somehow they make it work. I'm speechless. Definitely a contender for the album of the year.
  7. Engulf
    by Frequency Eater
    Orbital Forest Orbital Forest
    Takes everything that was great about the first two records, puts it into a blender, and somehow ends up with something that even surpasses both of them. Awesome from start to finish!
  8. The Demo Years 1989-1992
    by Eucharist
  9. Ambulante Hirnamputation
    by Feind
    Natur pur erleben Natur pur erleben
    Ich kann mir nicht vorstellen wie ich es mir vorstelle, dass es bessere Musik gibt als Feind. Und dann noch die Operationalisierung.
  10. Moonlit
    by Dahlian
    Moonblaze, Pt. 1 Moonblaze, Pt. 1
    Great to finally see the release of this ambitious record. Totally worth the long wait.
  11. Islands / Öar
    by Svarta Stugan
  12. Eden neben jedwedem Elend
    by Qualm
    02 Netzwerk 02 Netzwerk
    Heavy and bleak. Goddamnit, my life has no value!
  13. Variable States (Suite In D Minor) E.P.
  14. Tales of the night forest
    by Black Hill & Silent Island
  15. Perfect World Creation
    by Dark Matter Secret
  16. The Lunar Lexicon
    by Aindulmedir
  17. HDK 26 † Novaya Zemlya
    by TSAR-BOMB
    La trine [bonus track] La trine [bonus track]
    A refreshingly un-hip take on retro new wave.
  18. HDK 90 † Monofuture
    by CAVERN
  19. Inthronisation
    by Grave Insanity
    Birth Birth
    Playful and somewhat diverse, but always straight in your face. Very catchy tunes, a highly entertaining 13 minute ride.
  20. HDK 92 † Thunder over city hall