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  1. free wheel
    by mormon toasterhead
    butterfly museum butterfly museum
    pure joy of music.
  2. Lamplight
    by Lamplight
    Call Your Mom Call Your Mom
    woo-hoo! I feel like this is my new favorite album!
  3. The Greater Wings
    by Julie Byrne
    Flare Flare
    Absolute magic, I’m grateful for every minute of your art
    by elvis depressedly
    Mat's my man and I hope he's doing fine. He really is the magician of melancholy.
  5. Trust Fall
    by Yes We Mystic
    Sit Down Sit Down
    Great record with eclectic songwriting and spot-on performances.
  6. A Face In Your Life
    by Pet Fox
    Checked Out Checked Out
    I’m so hyped for this full album. A true breath of fresh air.
  7. I Am My Mother
    by Black Sea Dahu
    Affection Affection
    Wenn durch Musik Einblick in die Seele gewährt wird, gibt es nichts Schöneres, Persönlicheres, Intimeres; und es entsteht Magie.
  8. New Waves (Live Recordings '19-'21)
    by Leif Vollebekk
    Genius. Blessed.
  9. Moondust For My Diamond
    by Hayden Thorpe
    No Such Thing No Such Thing
  10. Its Way With Me
    by Wye Oak
  11. tragedy reel
    by Fog Lake
    latter day saint latter day saint
  12. Vain
    by Grundeis
  13. A Common Turn
    by Anna B Savage
  14. Mean Mind
    by The Velvet Teen
    Sky opens up and sun comes blazing down
  15. ANRMAL
    by Juana Molina
    Un día punk (ANRMAL) Un día punk (ANRMAL)
    how good and original and enchanting and immersive is this!?
  16. Never Got Away (Demo)
    by Grundeis
  17. Curse Rotted Record
    by The Goin' Nowheres
    Bridges Burning Bridges Burning
  18. long division
    by orchid mantis
  19. depressedelica
    by elvis depressedly
    chariot chariot
    You make it look easy Mat which is so inspiring. You’re a blessed songwriter and singer, please keep on releasing, it embodies hope.
  20. Bittersweet Relief (Outtake)
    by Ricky Lewis