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  1. The Windmill of the Autumn Sky
    by The Asteroid No.4
    The Windmill of the Autumn Sky The Windmill of the Autumn Sky
    ...exceptional songwriting, beautiful melodies, great and deep moods - one of those albums capable of stopping time! <3
  2. When I Realize You're Gone
    by Gunman And The Holy Ghost
    When I Realize You're Gone When I Realize You're Gone
  3. EP
    by Mt. Mountain
    Ring Dove Ring Dove
    ...whatever I loved in the 90ies in "grunge", it's in this album. melancholia, psychedelic moods, BIG feeling and lots of edges!
  4. 4 Strings
    by Willy Tea Taylor
    Life is Beautiful Life is Beautiful
    just like my favorite track says: this album makes life beautiful, just as simple and brilliant as no zen-master could ever teach...
  5. Seeds Flowers and Magical Powers of The Dandelion
    by The Dandelion
    Daddy Long Legs Daddy Long Legs
    ...wonderful piece of 60ies psychedelica, it instantly makes you dancing the beat (or, at least, snapping your fingers). great tunes, great songwriting, great musicians! <3
  6. 8
    by Tara King th. & Halasan Bazar
    Beneath the Golden Tree Beneath the Golden Tree
    I completely fell in love with the spaghetti-western-chanson-baroque-psych-flowerpower-pop. The mix of sweet melancholia, noisy passages and cinematoscopic moods is really astounding & makes time stand still.
    Imho "8" is one of the best albums in this century!!!
  7. A Sigh Of Relief
    by Tara King th.
    Brand New Key Brand New Key
    intelligent songwriting, incredible sweetness, this inevitable & awkward smile when you listen to this album in public over your headphones - that's why I love music!
  8. Uncolored Past
    by Tara King th.
    The Hum and the Hiss The Hum and the Hiss
  9. Repeated exposure to...
    by 1000mods
    The Son The Son
    just raw and pure energy, tons of pressure and wallowing in greatness. an excellent example why I (also) love this kind of music.
    thou shalt purchase this record!
  10. Day Of Light
    by Constantine
    Fountains/Reflections Fountains/Reflections
    ...this is such an exceptional album and proof that some beauty never has left!