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  1. Belmont, Massachusetts
  2. Experimental
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    by skullflower
  2. The Golden Laughter of Abraxas
    by skullflower
  3. return to forever
    by skullflower
  4. temple music
    by sunroof!
  5. Painted by Spirits
    by Nigel Ayers
  6. Angel In The Detail
    by Legendary Pink Dots
  7. Material Interstices
    by HEXA
  8. Red Meridian
    by Uedineniya
  9. The Face That Must Die
    by vidnaObmana
    The fact this album shares a title with perhaps the most claustrophobic and paranoid novel by Liverpool author Ramsey Campbell was all the persuasion I needed to buy this. I admit I haven't heard it yet but since Obmana and Asmus Tietchens recorded what may be my favorite ambient album ever -Motives For Recycling - that and the Campbell nod are all the assurance I need that I'll love it.
  10. Testament Of Tape II
    by vidnaObmana
  11. MMXX - 13 : VOL SOMBRE
    by Kassel Jaeger
  12. Tales From The Trenches
    by Edward Ka-Spel
  13. Ablation
    by Main
  14. Celestial Music 1978 - 2011
    by Laraaji
  15. Chry-ptus — Biogenesis — Arthesis
    by Éliane Radigue
  16. Breath's Length
    by Roarke Menzies
  17. Apparatus Revisited
    by Roarke Menzies
  18. Corporeal
    by Roarke Menzies
  19. Music of David Tudor and Gordon Mumma
    by David Tudor and Gordon Mumma
  20. Music by Phill Niblock
    by Phill Niblock