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  1. Venus In Furs (Leæther Strip Remix)
    by Christian Death, Leæther Strip
  2. L'Âge Des Métamorphoses
    by I Hate Models
  3. Le Gouffre (Yan Wagner Belgian Trip)
    by BAGARRE
  4. Traum Und Existenz
    Woow putain quelle excellente collaboration entre Pascal Arbez (Vitalic) et la talentueuse Julia Lanoe (Mansfield Tya, Sexy Sushi...) !! C'est tellement bon que j'ai craqué en achetant le CD à l'instant. Moi qui ai toujours été très critique envers le tournant mainstream pris par Vitalic cette dernière décennie et qui n'ai jamais été fan de Sexy Bidule cet album du duo KOMPROMAT m'a littéralement marabouté, bravo et vivement de voir ça en live!
  5. Body Count
    by Maenad Veyl
  6. Bestiensäule
    by Poison Point
  7. The Acceptance ov Not Knowing
    by Maenad Veyl
  8. Not What You See, Not What You Feel
    by Maenad Veyl
  9. Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities
  10. Manifesto For A Modern World
    by Randolph & Mortimer
  11. LIFA
    by Heilung
  12. Seems Like Forever
    by Rosetta Stone
  13. Strange Ways (Jonny Rock's thisisfreakinglongbutwherethefuckismybreakdownremix)
    by C.A.R.
  14. Cholera (Lokier Remix)
    by C.A.R.
  15. Cholera (Marcus Worgull Remix)
    by C.A.R.
  16. Cholera (Anna Lann Remix)
    by C.A.R.
  17. Flat Out at the Sockhop
    by C.A.R.
  18. This City (Fantastic Twins Remix)
    by C.A.R.
  19. I Am A Strange Machine Sometimes
    by Vox Low
  20. Development Through The Years 1986 - 1993
    by sweet william
  21. Maschinenfest
    by Lustmord
  22. In Your Arms
    by Kris Baha
  23. One Year
    by La Main
  25. New Kind Of Cross
    by BUZZ KULL
  26. Perspectives
    by Antipole
  27. Play With Fire (The Rolling Stones)
    by Palodine
  28. Felina Spank - TLP ( Original Mix )
  29. UNDERTHESKIN [2018 reissue]
    by undertheskin
  30. Image
    by Whispering Sons
  31. Parole e azioni - Fais confiance au soldat allemand
    by Detriti Records
  32. Chain of Command EP
    by Detachments
  33. Work Terminal (Solvent revision)
    by Digital Poodle
  34. Disseminate
    by Detriti Records
  35. Leaving The Scene
    by Delphine Coma
  36. V
    by MAINE
  37. Wiedergaben Vol. 2
    by Various Artists
  38. Mehanizam (New Frames Remix)
    by Ontal
  39. I Am Mensch
    by Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer
  40. Bis Zum Nächsten Tag (Phase Fatale Remix)
    by Schwefelgelb
  41. Kill If We Are (feat. The Horrorist)
    by DSX
  42. Amor (Original mix)
    by Paul Mørk
  43. Across The Abyss
    by Umwelt
  44. Future Darkness (2014 Vision)
    by Umwelt
  45. The Collapsing Empire
    by Umwelt