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  1. Neglect
    by Pencey Sloe
  2. Avant-Propos
    by Gargantua
    Gotta love it when it's crazy yet tightly constructed and extremely well led.

    Highly recommended, works better than crushed horn powder.
  3. Молекулярное воскрешение
    by Змей и Радуга
    Enorme coup de coeur. ❤️

    According to my dentist, Sympho metal is usually metal with orchestral arrangements (or even pop arrangements played through classical instruments). Rare are the groups managing to combine the quintessence of classical music and the exuberance of metal (or the other way around, I don't care) . To cite a few, Waltari, MD, SF, FA.

    Amazing work of art, blessed (or cursed) by the souls of Russian composers .

    Flamboyant, jaw dropping (which makes it easier to floss).
  4. Vexier
    by E-L-R
    Not my usual go-to style.

    For this style, E-L-R is becoming my go-to band (together with Kassad, which share similar sensibility and hypnotising quality).
  5. nihsahshsaH
    by Hashshashin
    The middle-eastern influence isn't a gimmick, it blends perfectly with the psychedelic/prog facettes.

    The bass is sumptuous.

    FFO: Am'Ganesha'n, potentially Bak & Subterranean Masquerade (but less "prog metal"-typed).
  6. Automated Refrains
    Darker synth that the cover may suggest. Which is great in my book.
    Another master(boot)piece!
  8. Contre ma lumière
    by Helioss
    Phenomenal. AOTY material.
    If you like your metal both intense and sophisticated, this is for you.
  9. 7.0
    by Perhaps
  10. Üntrve Bläck Metäl
    by Coltaine
  11. Time Immemorial
    by Heron
  12. You Were Overwhelmed
    by oldsoul
  13. The Cimmerian Years
    by Thurisaz
    Due to my monkey brain, i usually have hard time with lancinant stuff.

    With Thurisaz, the inventiveness in progression, rythmes, entrelacs and sounds make each title a fascinating journey.

    Very highly recommended.
  14. coy
    by oldsoul
  15. Luna
    by Austin Wintory
  16. Infernal
    by Phideaux
    Not that it matters (*), but I'd usually take my prog a tad more metal.
    The cheer brillance and boldness here makes it up for it.

    (*) It does matter. It might convince other metalheads to give it a try. Also, don't depreciate yourself, unless it is for a joke.
    -- What? But my life is a joke!

    Infernal is more convoluted than this note, and far more beautifully written.
  17. Nämïdäë
    by Öxxö Xööx
    Avant-garde brillance.
    Avant-garde darkness.

    Balance in dynamism.
    Cantharellus grows.
    So does Nämïdäë.
  18. Reborn
    by Souldrainer
    Clearly influenced by Peter Tägtgren, Souldrainer fills a very sweet spot:
    * More extreme than Pain.
    * Stylistically more varied than Hypocrisy.
    * Their own sympho-electro-gothico-lantern touch is great.

    by Devcord
    Top notch prog death. Inspired by Opeth? Maybe. More importantly, as inspired as Opeth, without being a copy. Should have been in your top 2021.
  20. Exploration of Space
    by Vergeltung
    Electro-indus-metal done extremely right, with the perfect dose of crazyness.
    Maximal headbanging-inducing.

    Some Kovenant (Animatronic) flavour (which is a enormous compliment for me), but not a copy-cat.