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  1. Save The Island
    by Murdering Mad Jack
    Gorilla's Gloom Gorilla's Gloom
    Put your hands together if you wanna clap, because Save the Island fuckin slaps! This EP is one hell of a first release from Murdering Mad Jack, featuring badass breakdowns, super clean production, and a pretty alright vocal guest too. But what sets this EP apart is its commitment to its inspiration. Thanks to the synths, the atmospheres, and the constant monkey shriek assault, Save the Island feels like an actual playthrough of DK64. It has style. It has grace. Its awesomeness we must embrace.
  2. Terminal
    by Temenigru
  3. BLACK★STAR「ステラ」
    by ThyHarvesting
    BLACK★STAR starts with a motif that, at least for me, brings SNES and N64 era racing games to mind, and then continues to drift through a variety of electronic influences. The evolution of the track is gradual and cohesive, making it an exciting and catchy ride. I especially dig the breakcore and metalcore influences. Dang, I wanna play Top Gear now.. Rad song!
  4. An Inconvenience At Best
    by Meet Me In Lavender Town
    Hell Or High Water Hell Or High Water
    An Inconvenience at Best combines easycore and chiptune to create something truly fresh in the nintendocore scene. The compositions are excellent, with nasty breakdowns and melodic synths. There are screams here and there, but Dom's super sticky hooks are the stars of the show. Every time I listen to this album I get half of it stuck in my head. A bump up in production quality would make this an essential release for any fan of the genre. It's definitely my recent favorite!
    by ThyHarvesting
  6. Origami
    by Wreck the System
    Origami is also so damn sticky- I can't stop coming back to it. The instrumental ornaments are delicate (like origami, eh?), but the beat goes hard. And as always, I love the nerdy references. Rap and Paper Mario- name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.
  7. Hyrule The World
    by Cam3 & Twill Distilled
    Hyrule The World Hyrule The World
    Bear in mind that I cried when Banjo and Kazooie were announced for Smash when I say this: this is the nerdiest thing I've ever heard. But also, naturally, I love it! The beats seamlessly integrate iconic Zelda tunes, the flows are great, and the bars are perfectly clever and nostalgic. Also the chorus of Hyrule the World.. damn, Twill can belt it out!
  8. Take Off
    by Wreck the System
    This is such a rad idea: four members of WTS - four members of team Star Fox. This is clearly a love letter to the series. The beat pays homage to iconic melodies, but stays fresh throughout. The verses are great, with a variety of flows and no shortage of clever references. "Bar Fox" gets me every time, ha. I'd love more of this overt gaming material from you guys!
  9. Reign
    by Wreck the System
    Reign is a solid Wreck the System track with a driving instrumental and a catchy chorus. Osiris's verse is my favorite this time, but LadyJ's triplets land perfectly as well. Also, the weird synth throughout the track kinda reminds me of something from Earthbound, and I'm about that.
  10. Ninstrumental Split
    by Pixelbitching x Anti-PizzaBoy
    Fast Travel Fast Travel
    Ninstrumental Split just works. While Anti-PizzaBoy leans a bit more into the synthy cyber elements, Pixelbitching hones in on that golden era metalcore. His songs are more likely to have a refrain or two, so they're a bit stickier (although they almost beg for vocals). His breakdowns go a bit harder as well- see Critical Damage. The collaborative finale is a great sign off for the album. Awesome stuff!
  11. Hiraeth EP
    by Raccoon City Massacre
    The Human Condition The Human Condition
    The Human Condition is mostly what you'd expect from RCM- a badass, techy metalcore romp. But then The Thirst is Real comes in with some wacky combination of golden era Blink-182 and Veil of Maya, and I'm here for it. Then WIDIMFTFMINOYB (holy heck) has some Awaken the Dreamers era All Shall Perish vibes, which is fine by me! The 8-bit ditty is melodic and fun as well. I only wish the production of this EP were up to RCM's normal standard. Maybe we'll see these tracks again?
  12. Witchcvlt
    by Cojam
    Milky Swimming Milky Swimming
    Witchcvlt sounds the way it felt to stay up late playing my Gameboy as a kid, after everyone else in the house was asleep. It's ominous, chippy, and atmospheric. There's a nice variety of styles and synths on display. My favorite track is probably Milky Swimming- not for the rad Nintendocore vibes- but for the Cult of Luna-esque section at the end of the song. Awesome stuff!
  13. Ninstrumental Split
    by Pixelbitching x Anti-PizzaBoy
    Heroes Never Die Heroes Never Die
    Ninstrumental Split just works. While Pixelbitching leans a bit more towards the metalcore influence, Anti-PizzaBoy leans a bit more towards the synthy cyber element. APB's tracks focus more on building from a starting point and evolving as they go, making them the more dynamic cuts. There's a clear HORSE the Band influence in his writing- especially the intro. (This is a good thing.) The collaborative finale is a great sign off for the album. Awesome stuff!
  14. Split W/Ragebomb
    by Shotgun Guy
    Memesman (HTB cover/remix) Memesman (HTB cover/remix)
    Shotgun Guy goes for a more cybergrind approach in this split- the songs are blistering fast and relatively short. How can I not pick Memesman as my favorite track? Ragebomb sounds like when band practice is over and everyone is doing their own thing on their instruments, recorded on an answering machine. It ain't for me, but if that sounds up your alley, then dive in! Nice grindy, noisy split.
  15. Baron Of Hell
    by Shotgun Guy
    Guide Me Aku Aku Guide Me Aku Aku
    Shotgun Guy's first full-length checks all the expected boxes: boppy lsdj synths, brutal chugging and blasting, and those trademark guttural vocals. It always stands out how SG manages to make even super bright synth melodies work with deathcore. The vocal guests are rad and mix things up. I dig it!
  16. S/T EP
    by Shotgun Guy
    Ultimate Doom Ultimate Doom
    S/T is a solid Shotgun Guy EP with some of his essential tracks. The intro and vibes of Ultimate Doom really grab my attention and stand out. Vampire Killer also has a sick intro and rad melodic death metal vibes. And you can never go wrong with Lavender Town, yo. I dig it!
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  17. Messy Headspace split W/Corvid Canine
    by Shotgun Guy
    2 Arm Advantage 2 Arm Advantage
    This split explodes in, makes a lot of noise, and gets out quick. The opener is my favorite, with it's chaotic chip leads and consistent pace. I dig that tinny snare sound Shotgun Guy uses here. The Corvid Canine tracks aren't for me. I hear things I like in them, but they're a bit too disorganized for my tastes. Nice split overall!
  18. Brain Matter Split W/She Wants The D-Pad
    by Shotgun Guy
    Gotta Save'em All (Ft. John Nelson of Unicorn Hole) Gotta Save'em All (Ft. John Nelson of Unicorn Hole)
    Shotgun Guy's first two tracks here sound like he's trying to match SWTDP's chaotic deathcore for a seamless transition- and it totally works. The breakdown at the end of Irresistible Force is sick! Pee break is a great composition (though it sounds like something other than pee came out at the end there). The split closes with maybe my favorite SG song, though I may be a bit biased. :0
  19. Split W/Ocean Of Chaos
    by Shotgun Guy
    Inter(Outer)lude(space) Inter(Outer)lude(space)
    Shotgun Guy's frantic opener kicks things off with a bang. I really dig the intro section and vibes of Inter(Outer)lude(space). More like this! The Ocean of Chaos songs are equally fun. It's especially cool to hear proto versions of Codex Orzhova songs. Cool split by two rad ncore bands!
  20. 2👌2👌
    by Weekly Words and Grammar
    You Can’t Noclip Out of Sadness (feat. Dad E) You Can’t Noclip Out of Sadness (feat. Dad E)
    This album is total garbage. The lyrics are sad and gross, you can hear this man's beard scraping on the microphone, the red of the cover hurts my eyes, the bass drops made a little poop come out, and the "expansion pak" I got was just the original jumper pak. Listen to the Blue Version instead- it's way better.