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G Lampa

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  1. Adventures In Imperfection
    by FatGyver
    Eeron Skittikampe Eeron Skittikampe
    The definition of “phat”, and exhibit A in the case for why sample-based hip-hop is the richest creative soil in music. A masterpiece.
  2. Smith & Swift : Double Trouble
    by JB Swift & Agent Smith 78
  3. Möstly Crëw
    by WIZDUMB
    Rap Class Feat. Silas Blak Rap Class Feat. Silas Blak
    Just the dopest real hip hop of all time. I mean, I've heard nothing to touch these Washington brothers in ages. Enormously shmoov. I may have to move out there.
  5. Basementality
    by WIZDUMB
  6. PIZZA PARTY: Garlic dust on the crust.
    by Wizdump & Kelp
  7. The Shadows Instrumentals
    by WIZDUMB
    Rock Tha Casbah (feat. Leland Jones) (Instrumental) Rock Tha Casbah (feat. Leland Jones) (Instrumental)
    Dope as hell. Can't wait for the collab. You shoulda left that one G Lampa shout-out in there, tho. Feel me? Awwwwwww.....
  8. Acapellas Now: Remixes
    by WIZDUMB
  9. Dollar Bin Delicacies (Deluxe Edition)
    by WIZDUMB
  10. The Bemis Tapes
    by WIZDUMB
  11. Fresh Produce
    by WIZDUMB
  12. Ruth Bea Arthur's Ultimate Sandwich Extravaganza
    by G.WIZ
  14. Shadows
    by WIZDUMB
  15. Rose From The Crypt
    by Horror City
  16. Pizza Conspiracy
    by Hologram Teen
  17. JB Swift,Rye-Bread, Kadir 7:The Preservation
    by JB Swift
    Choked Choked
  18. Editorials: (wartunes)
    by Silas Blak
  19. R E A L M
    by All India Radio + Josh Roydhouse
  20. Commercial Break
    by Basement Era