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  2. Metal
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  1. Notturno
    by Australasia
    Kern Kern
  2. Mitau
    by Audrey Fall
    Wolmar Wolmar
    by Julien Marchal
  4. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    The Garden of Fire The Garden of Fire
  5. Wistful
    by Sylvaine
    Delusions Delusions
  6. Dawn
    by George Will
    Aeon Aeon
  7. Zymosis - Insight
    by Sentimony Records
    Zymosis - Make A Wish Zymosis - Make A Wish
  8. Stories From Elsewhere
    by Rhian Sheehan
    Nusquam Nusquam
  9. Visions
    by Anomalie
    Vision V: Starless Nights Vision V: Starless Nights
  10. Cosmic Drone
    by ISON
    RedShift RedShift
  11. Settlers
    by Western Skies Motel
    Falling Leaves Falling Leaves
  12. Terrapin
    by Outrun the Sunlight
    Laughing With Such Abandon Laughing With Such Abandon
  13. V - Oceans
    by Slow
    Déluge Déluge
  14. Ænigma
    by In Vain
    Against The Grain Against The Grain
  15. Of Shadow and Flame
    by Duskmourn
    Crowned in Flame Crowned in Flame
    I found this group thanks to pfk505, his summary of the record essentially states that upon finishing this record his first inclination was to start it over again. I couldn't agree more. This album is incredibly well put together, takes elements and sounds from a few different genres and created a melodic death metal masterpiece. a Top 10 contender for 2017 releases without a doubt.
  16. Devil is Fine
    by Zeal and Ardor
    Blood In The River Blood In The River
    This is probably one of the most original and unexpectedly appropriate genre intersections I have come accross! Blackgrass soulful singing with the satanic Black metal element. Who knew I loved gospel so much?? Well.. As long as its about the Dark lord that is \m/
  17. In Silence We Yearn
    by Oh Hiroshima
    Drones Drones
  18. Glass Cathedrals
    by The Mire
    Triple Gemini Triple Gemini
  19. Prédateurs
    by Les Discrets
    Virée Nocturne Virée Nocturne
  20. Alien World
    by Below the Sun
    Dawn For Nobody Dawn For Nobody
  21. The Shortest Way
    by Evadne
    This Complete Solitude This Complete Solitude
  22. Home
    by Numenorean
    Devour Devour
  23. Death of the Artist
    by Elsiane
    The Motive The Motive
  24. Inmazes
    by VOLA
    Stray The Skies Stray The Skies
    Can bands reproduce? I feel like Haken and Meshuggah had a child.
  25. La Partition
    by Uneven Structure
    Incube Incube
  26. Yellow
    by The Morningside
    Out Of Nest Out Of Nest
    There is an undeniable melodic drive to this record. There is a sense of familiarity that builds as you traverse through each track. Starting the album I had no idea I would quickly become so entranced. My first listen was thoroughly enjoyed and it was not long before I had an itch to hear it again. Happy to support!
  27. Drawing a Future
    by Syberia
    Renaissance Renaissance
  28. Empire of Nothing
    by La Fin
    The End The End
    In this EP, La Fin has without a doubt captured the cognitive process behind any poor soul that has taken the final step off a ledge. Using the iconic Evelyn McHale suicide as their theme, they pull no punches evoking the violent hopelessness one must feel before and as they fall. Chilling.
  29. Hereafter
    by Hanging Garden
    Penumbra Penumbra
  30. Who Bit the Moon
    by David Maxim Micic
    Living Room Living Room
  31. Atlas
    by FM-84
    Everything Everything
    I feel like this album implants 80s highschool nostalgia into my brain. Like I feel like some girl name Cindy rejected me at the dance in 86 and I listened to this album all of the time to get through that. All the feels.

    P.s I wasn't alive in 86, That's how good this record is <3
  32. Semente
    by Sinistro
    Partida Partida
    Sinistro dances so seamlessly between heavy “wall of sound” type riffs to cheeky dark clean guitars with mood setting synths that it is almost disorienting. Their vocalist is absolutely entrancing in every sense of the word. I feel like throughout the record she slowly lures you into a world of darkness where only madness reigns. With each listen I sink deeper into that madness and am enraptured by it. Listen for yourself and buy it if you agree!
  33. Aphotic Veil
    by Exgenesis
    Cloudburst Cloudburst
    Jari Lindholm is in this band, need I say more?

    For fans of : Slumber and Enshine
    Melodic Doom Metal feels
  34. Throes
    by Allochiria
    Thrust Thrust
  35. Kodama
    by Alcest
    Je Suis D'ailleurs Je Suis D'ailleurs
  36. The Circle
    by Heretoir
    Eclipse Eclipse
    I feel as though any quick review of this record falls short of what the record itself so beautifully expresses. Heretoir has given life to music whose soundscape explores a wide emotional pallet and uses a unique sound approximating post black metal and shoegaze to invite us on the journey. “Take my ears; I’ve heard everything that’s left to hear”. Listen to this and then promptly purchase it as you try to catch your breath.
  37. Aathma
    by Persefone
    An Infinitesimal Spark An Infinitesimal Spark
    As far as progressive death metal goes, Persefone is world class in both composition and execution. With this new release they have some how surpassed themselves again, delivering a most heartfelt record. Aathma provides as much delicate and heart wrenching orchestration as it does high tempo and technical guitar riffing. Though this album is dense it is easy to sit through and leaves you feeling like you've experienced something truly beautiful. These guys deserve all your love!
  38. Envoy
    by Below the Sun
    Alone Alone
    I long for music like this: Slow and droning but always evolving. Expressive and powerful. Demonstrates wonderful contrast between atmospheric and heavy, symphonic and noisy. This album grabs you and doesn't let you go till it's over.
  39. Grimen
    by Gloson
    Antlers Antlers
    You know how sometimes a riff or a song is so heavy it makes you go "oouuff"?? Well this entire album pretty much did that to me. Crushing riffs, clear mix and a lyrical tone I can dig in to. Something like Darkened-Post-Doom might describe it, either way get it.
  40. III: Trauma
    by Harakiri for the Sky
    Calling The Rain Calling The Rain
    This album keeps a pretty intense pace and features 75 minutes of music. It was difficult to properly get a grasp of this dense release. Little by little I found myself coming back to it. I was often in the mood to hear Calling The Rain which led to listening to a few more tracks. Soon I became familiar with the hook melodies and lyrics for most of the record. Now I find myself sitting through the whole album and end up humming my favourite melodies for hours. So it is dense, but amazing.
  41. I
    by Conjurer
    Scorn Scorn
    Four tracks, JAM PACKED with amazingly heavy music. The vocals are so noisy with so much feel and yet they are mixed PERFECTLY into the rest of the music.
    Track 1 : 5:15 <3
    Track 2: Get ready.. 2:50 then OMFG THAT TRANSITION @ 3:23 <3
    Track 3 and 4 are so good that its impossible to pin point my favourite parts
  42. Handmade Cities
    by Plini
    Every Piece Matters Every Piece Matters

    *Happy feels*

    *Sweet dive into a solo part*

    *Aaron Marshall and Plini smiling while playing these gems live*

    ...yup, this is a pretty sick album!
  43. Winged Waltz
    by October Tide
    Coffins Of November Coffins Of November
  44. Songs from the Fyrgen
    by Wolcensmen
    Sunne Sunne
  45. Sorni Nai
    by Kauan
    akva akva
    What a work of pure genius! Absolutely transcendent. Exactly what I hope to hear in music all the while exceeding my expectations. Emotionally loaded, beautifully arranged and conceptually based of the Dyatlov Pass incident. Without a doubt one of my favorite records from the first listen.