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  1. Manatee Commune
    by Manatee Commune
    No Reason No Reason
    this song absolutely cradled me through a challenging mushroom trip and encouraged me to blossom in the experience
  2. Harlem Barber Swing 2
    by jazzinuf
  3. Soulapowa
    by Awon
  4. dazzle
    by jazzinuf
  5. smoking in the city.
    by dragon roots.
    smoking in the city. (feat. christmoon) smoking in the city. (feat. christmoon)
  6. Return to the Golden Era (5th Anniversary Edition)
    by Awon & Phoniks
  7. Week
    by EVISBEATS,Amidastudio
    170926 01 170926 01
    a menagerie of styles compose this album. mixing it up with some funky and offbeat tracks, it plays out just the way life does

    hit play and keep groovin' :)
  8. Audio Bartending
    by Jazzinuf
    Soju Soju
  9. It's Nice Outside
    by Anti-Lilly & Phoniks
    Grow Grow
    reminiscent lyrics and beats that get you groovin'

    "we may come from different directions but we share the same stress, share the same blood, breathe the same breath. on a different path but we take the same steps"

    you feel closed off or shut out from society at times. that's just how life is... it's hard but we can get back on beat and reconnect with the world.

    to a dear friend who left this world recently, i only wish i could have shared this sentiment.

    it's nice outside.
  10. The Harlem Barber Swing
    by Jazzinuf
    Gucci Gucci
    jazzinuf style with that old school vibe and a classic tracklist setup.
    by BASI
    Cool like that Cool like that
    chill af ;)
  12. Anata-ga-ita-natsu
    by BASI
  13. Moon Beams
    by Awon & Linkrust
  14. It Gets Greater Later
    by Tiff The Gift
  15. Evil Deeds
    by Awon X LeProdude
  16. Melancholy Prequel (Rising Sun Redux)
    by Marcus D
  17. Exxon Mobil - Marcus D & Shing02
    by Marcus D
  18. Matte Black Soul
    by Awon
  19. Return to the Golden Era: The Remixes
    by Awon & Phoniks
    Blood In Blood Out (Remix) Blood In Blood Out (Remix)
  20. Knowledge Of Self
    by Awon & Phoniks
    Reflections ft. Rodney The Soul Singer Reflections ft. Rodney The Soul Singer
    the message is deep and the beats are chill. great listening soundtrack style, and even greater if you're in the mood for philosophy and discussion of social justice

    hip hop at its best; pumping the voice of the people through your speakers. look into yourself and understand the world around you