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  1. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
    by Smoulder
  2. The Crypt of Blades (Hillsfar Half)
    by Hillsfar
  3. The Crypt of Blades (Throne Of Iron half)
    by Throne Of Iron
  4. 2018 Demo
    by Throne Of Iron
  5. High Command
    by Cultic
  6. Hanging by a Thread
  7. A Time Will Come
    by Verscythe
  8. Regal Hymns of Blood
    by Barak Tor
  9. The House of the Raven
    by Mind of Evil
  10. Age of Power
    by Orkforge
  11. Chroniques de la Citadelle
    by Gargoylium
  12. ...Where Undead Once Were
    by Dire Fate
  13. Demo
    by Street Tombs
  14. For Mircalla
    by Briton Rites
  15. Impious Battlefields
    by ELFFOR
  16. Optare Mortem (EP)
    by Lacrima Mortis
  17. "Duskhymns"
    by Cimitir
  18. Beast In The Mist
    by Speedclaw
  19. Regal Hymns of Blood
    by Barak Tor
  20. Don't Waste Your Time
  21. Eastward
    by Stronghold Guardian
  22. Songs From Twilight Kingdom
    by Evilnox
  23. The Sword Woman
    by Smoulder
  24. Saga of Blood Lands
  25. Dreams Of The Old Kingdom
    by Haxan Dreams
  26. Dreams of the Old Kingdom
    by Old Sorcery
  27. Inheritor of the Forest Throne
  28. March of The Triumphator
    by Barak Tor
  29. Walking among unquiet trees
    by Goblintropp
  30. Storming The Black Gate EP
    by Ancient Thrones
  31. East of Sun
    by Gatekeeper
  32. SALEM
    by Salem
  33. Order of the Moon
    by Possessed Steel
  34. The Unreachable Salvation
    by Acerus
  35. Surging Throng of Evil's Might
    by Superstition
  36. The Primordial Void
    by High Command
  37. Chapitre II
    by Chevalier
  38. Funeral Storm / Celestial Rite - Funeral Rite
    by Iron Bonehead Productions
  39. Ascension EP
    by Avalon Steel
  40. God Οf Τhe Deep Unleashed
    by Wrathblade
  41. God Οf Τhe Deep Unleashed
    by Wrathblade
  42. Axe Age EP
    by Kampøks
  43. Antioch III: Wings and Warlocks
    by Antioch
  44. Vinland Saga
    by Ice Vinland
  45. Innate
    by Undoctrinate