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  1. Spring, Texas
  2. Electronic
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  1. A Dream Is All We Know
    by The Lemon Twigs
  2. Paul Bunyan's Slingshot
    by Liquid Mike
    by Rosie Tucker
  4. Laugh Jokes
    by secat and ODAE
  5. 5 by Monk by Csatari
    by Uncivilized
  6. 모두 살아 (EVERYONE, LIVE)
    by Cecily Renns
  7. Learners Permit EP
    by Teen Driver
  8. A floodplain mind
    by Misophone
  9. Real poetry is always about plants and birds and trees and the animals and milk and honey breathing in the pink but real life is behind a screen
    by Pacing
  10. Fade From View
    by Kevin & the Bikes
  11. Ironic Songs
    by Kevin & the Bikes
  12. Gaburger
  13. Shards I EP
    by Snotnoze Saleem
  14. Shards II EP
    by Snotnoze Saleem
  15. EGG
    by Fat Spirit
  16. Daily Sound Collection
    by dok-s project
  17. Tideline
    by Dok-s Project
  18. Forgetful Dogg
    by Problem Dogg
  19. Momm Dogg
    by Problem Dogg
  20. Scurvy Dogg
    by Problem Dogg