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  1. Ambient.White (Original Soundtrack Vol. 1)
    by Frozen Night
    Snowfall Snowfall
  2. First Fragment VS Heavy Metal Shrapnel
    by Heavy Metal Shrapnel
  3. Lyra Heartstrings
    by Naturematthe
  4. Don't Be Afraid
    by AETOS
  5. Les Fleurs du Mal: Le Vampire (feat. Koron Korak et Valerio Magli)
  6. Artificial Devices (Instrumental)
    by The Ever Living
    Take Heed, Take Flight (Instrumental) Take Heed, Take Flight (Instrumental)
  7. Ornamental Undoing
    by R'luhh
    Inspired Soul Degrade Inspired Soul Degrade
    Another banger dissonant metal release from Alice, can't wait to hear more of this.
  8. Dziesiać
    by SDreamExplorerS
    Neversleep (Dead Awakening) Neversleep (Dead Awakening)
  9. Lunar Necropolis
    by Ileece
  10. Equinity 06: Expedition
    by Equinity
    This for Real This for Real
  11. lost in my thoughts on a rainy night
    by Tw3Lv3
  12. liminal
    by Tw3Lv3
    Rainbow Supernova Rainbow Supernova
  13. Daybreaker
    by Michael Picher
  14. Celestia
    by Anamore
  15. Winterlust (single)
    by Tjaktjadálvve
  16. Höst (Single)
    by Tjaktjadálvve
  17. Wind (feat. Frozen Night)
  18. Disillusion
    by Velvet R. Wings
    A dark song for dark times. Here's hoping it'll get better for us all. Eventually.
  19. In This Moment
    by Velvet R. Wings & Mane In Green
  20. Yahar'gul
    by Yahar'gul