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  1. Please, Slow Down!
    by Fluffy Machine
  2. Die große Palmöllüge (2020)
  3. The Cavemen
    by The Cavemen
  4. Silver Turns to Rust
    by The Ataris
  5. Beweisstück A
    by Der Feine Herr Soundso
  6. Clowns in Wut - ein deutsches Herz hat aufgehört zu schlagen IV (2017)
    by Affenmesserkampf
  7. Buschmesser, Äxte, Alles! (2011)
    by Affenmesserkampf
  8. Affenmesserkampf/Robinson Krause Split 7" (2013)
    by Affenmesserkampf
  9. Doch (2013)
    by Affenmesserkampf
  10. Seine Freunde kann man sich nicht aussuchen (2009)
    by Affenmesserkampf
  11. Die Nacht, in der die Pizza kam
  12. Confetti on the floor
    by The Apers
  13. Eaten From The Inside (EHC018)
    by The Infested
    Wake Up Wake Up
  14. Freedom fries and freedom kisses
  15. Bygones
    by GET DEAD
  16. Songs From Under The Sink
    by Mischief Brew
    Coffee, God, And Cigarettes Coffee, God, And Cigarettes
  17. Betterment
    by Caves
  18. Üntergang
    by Überyou
  19. Heed The Call
    by Migre Le Tigre
  20. The Sun Also Rises
    by East Cameron Folkcore