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  1. Time Release EP
    by Telepathic
  2. I Just Want To Be Wild For You
    by MAITA
  3. Ashlyn
    by Ashe
  4. Tell Me What You Miss The Most
    by Tasha
  5. Quit the Curse
    by Anna Burch
  6. הארץ השטוחה
    by הזאבות
  7. Undir Köldum Norðurljósum
    by Kælan Mikla
  8. תמיד עולה המנגינה
    by הזאבות
  9. סוף העולם
    by הזאבות
  10. Melenas
    by Melenas
  11. Merry Airbrakes
    by Merry Airbrakes
  12. Child Of The Sea
    by Sid Bradley
  13. Just Dandy
    by Gentle Brent
  14. Just Dandy
    by Brent Randall
  15. Happily Ever After
    by Brent Randall
  16. A Night With The Premonitions
    by The Premonitions
  17. All Made Up
    by The Reflectors
  18. Get Low
    by Low Doses
  19. Shirushi
    by TEKE::TEKE
  20. Scatterbrain
    by The Chills