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  1. The Haunter of the Dark EP
    by Burning Shadows
  2. Order of the Moon
    by Possessed Steel
  3. Aedris
    by Possessed Steel
  4. Possessed Steel EP
    by Possessed Steel
  5. Ironsword + Return of the Warrior
    by Ironsword
  6. Awakening
    by Sacred Reich
  7. Dire Prophecy
    by Sorcerer
  8. Don't Break the Oath
    by Mercyful Fate
  9. Downfall
    by Savage Blood
  10. Keepers of the Flame
  11. Danse De Noir
    by Lord Vigo
  12. Redemption Through Force
    by Solitary Sabred
  13. By Fire and Brimstone
    by Solitary Sabred
    by Venator
  15. Beneath the Ruins
    by Burning Shadows
  16. Servants of Steel
    by Ironsword
  17. The Song Of The Nibelungs
    by Wotan
  18. Space Nights
    by Knightmare
  19. Shadows From The Past (European Edition)
    by Lords of the Trident
  20. Gododdin
    by Midnight Force