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  1. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  2. Net Split or, the Fathomless Heartbreak of Online Itself
    by MC Frontalot
  3. L.B.O.L
    by Mostafa
  4. DEMO
    by Banjax
  5. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
  7. Crypt of the Necrodancer OST
    by Danny Baranowsky
  8. Slumber
    by Ark Patrol
  9. Ambition EP
    by Ark Patrol
  10. Voyager
    by Ark Patrol
  11. Sun
    by Ark Patrol
  12. Earthlock: Festival of Magic Original Soundtrack
    by Eiko Nichols
  13. Gunpoint - The Soundtrack
    by Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda, and John Robert Matz
  14. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
  15. ABZÛ
    by Austin Wintory
  16. Furi Original Soundtrack
    by Carpenter Brut, Danger, The Toxic Avenger, Lorn, Scattle, Waveshaper, Kn1ght
  17. Brigador, Vol. I
    by Makeup and Vanity Set
  18. Ultra Rare Vol 1
    by Mystery Skulls
  19. Hvel
    by Árstíðir
  20. Determination
    by RichaadEB // Ace Waters
  21. Horizon EP
    by ambinate
  22. The Black Box
    by aivi & surasshu
  23. Hvel
    by Árstíðir
  24. Aurora
    by Gowe (Gifted On West East)
  25. Join Us
    by Le Matos
  26. Journey: Transfiguration
    by Austin Wintory
  27. The Binding of Isaac - Piano Collection
    by Brent Kennedy
  28. Electronic Super Joy OST
    by enV