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  1. Tone Mixture: forawhile[>if]
    by Kelpie National
  2. Hi
    by The Stink Practitioner
  3. 0412
    by Jimmy Cutter
  4. Retrieved From Void
    by rise&shine
  5. Dog Music
    by Jimmy Cutter
  6. psychedelic noise death trip
    by DJ リゼルグ酸ジエチルアミド
  7. Rotary Dreams
    by Mike Mulligan
  8. Compendium Intellectuel
    by Vrothers
  9. Lol Fuck
    by Lol Fuck
  10. Pocket Music
    by International Society For The Prevention Of Geese
  11. Ultra Dire Into <wow>
    by Sleeping Penguin
  12. The Wonder Fully National Sampler Thingy Manjong
    by Various Artists
  13. Wool Sweaters
    by My Cell Phone Is Better Than Your Cell Phone
  14. The Return of Walkman Kulture
    by Walkman Kulture
  15. Vaporware: Greatest Hits
    by 私のお尻はかゆいクソくそったれ
  16. Invocation Of Our Smelly Mistress
    by The Stink Practitioner
  17. Lmao Shit
    by Lmao Shit
  18. Peace Out
    by Zed Tee Qa
  19. Look At Him (He's Got No Legs)
    by The Vietnamese Printer Assembly
  20. It Takes Up To 40 Dumb Animals To Make A Fur Coat But Only One To Wear It
    by Critual