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Cassandra the Goth Indo-European

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  1. Reverse Resilience
    by Date at Midnight
  2. Songs to Fall and Forget
    by Date at Midnight
  3. Ritual
    by Masquerade
  4. The Veils Of Ending
    by Sonsombre
  5. A Funeral For The Sun
    by Sonsombre
  6. The Veils Of Ending
    by Sonsombre
  7. Beyond The Darkest Hour
    by Raven Said
  8. Fields of Frost
    by Raven Said
  9. Deviances
    by Virgin in Veil
  10. Twisted Thrills
    by Virgin in Veil
  11. Permanent Funeral
    by Virgin in Veil
  12. Adrenaline
    by Rosetta Stone
  13. Veins
    by Bootblacks
  14. The Widow
    by Black Angel
  15. Prayers For The Living
    by Strap On Halo
  16. The Urgency Of Now
  17. New Moon
    by Burning Gates
  18. Crimson Curse
    by The Kentucky Vampires
  19. Blood is the New Black
    by Masquerade
  20. San Ton Ilio/Like The Sun (Album)