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  1. Cut
    by Eyemouth
  2. this is how we were taught to pray
    by melodywhore
  3. Cinquieme
    by Isotherme
  4. 33° Alternate Realities
    by Unknown Land
  5. Soteria
    by Plike
  6. (Don't) Look Back [Single]
    by Venus McVee & Notorious Erich Von P
  7. As You Move Me
    by Roofhare
  8. Master Key
    by The Fair Attempts
  9. Canadian Wilderness
    by Minimal_Drone*GRL & Cpektir
  10. Megadream
    by Still Life With Cat
    Big Old Black Wolf Big Old Black Wolf
    This is really amazing work. Completely original, hops genres within songs, elegantly performed and immaculately executed. Utterly wonderful!!!! A must-buy!!!
  11. Carnal Insect
    by The Fair Attempts
  12. high tide
    by sleeplab
  13. darklight
    by melodywhore
  14. Spiral
    by Eyemouth
    Another amazing release from one of our favourite bands. Every song is different but unmistakably theirs, no genre or influence is off limits but everything is perfectly resolved.

    Such an amazing energy, sad, beautiful and intense... this EP is a joy to listen to!!
  15. low the afterglow
    by sleeplab
    An album full of depth and sensitivity, exquisite and intriguing in their melodies.

    A top quality work, that feels current but full of the best influences of underground music of all time.

    You must get this album !!

    Favorite track: Just all of them!
  16. De Anima
    by Plike
    Metanoia Metanoia
    Ethereal and spellbinding as always but there is a new edge in "De Anima", a cyber paranoia that elevates this album to the stratosphere!!! Production is just spectacular, a deeply immersive experience!!!

    We are dazzled by her ability as a song writer, the sensitivity to create atmospheres that build a mood and lead us into an emotion, a feeling, tell us a story and wrap us up as the most exquisite dream or nightmare ;)

    A must buy, incredible!!!!
    Control Control
    A whole sensory experience in 21 tracks !, this album can be the sountrack of a complete and magnificent night, in a completely new planet., that has created a whole new way of life, powerful and so beautiful!

    Mysterious atmospheres, powerful beats, exquisite synths and intense vocal lines to add human DNA to this complete new species.

    Brilliant work!!
  18. 47th Helen
    by Plike
    Emma Emma
    This album is a treasure in our music collection, for which we only feel absolute admiration!

    A conceptual album so wonderful, beautiful and superb, that words are just not enough to describe it!

    Flawless, addictive and mysterious ... You will not forget this album !!
  19. Dark Room
    by Plike
    Holmesburg Holmesburg
    Another treasure in our incredible Plike music collection !! Flawless, captivating and mysterious.
  20. Red Queen, White Queen
    by Plike
    The Proving Grounds The Proving Grounds
    Amazing album !! full of detail and sound quality that ranks this album among the greatest !! you can notice the great work behind a master piece of this caliber!
    Impeccable, addictive and touching ... You must have this album !!