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Black Matt

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  2. Metal
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  1. Bad Genes, Hard Living
    by The Mulligrubs
  2. Aura
    by Saor
  3. Yūgen
    by Ashbringer
  4. Walking the Wheel of War
    by Spellbine
  5. Pictish Pride (Ainshval cover)
    by Saor
  6. The Edge of Infinity
    by Lunatica
  7. Forgotten Glory
    by Akvan
  8. Death
    by Teitanblood
  9. Departure
    by Sunken
  10. Hymns of Autumn (EP)
    by Strunkiin
  11. New Shores
    by Lunatica
  12. Roots
    by Saor
  13. EP
    by Arête
  14. Cycle of Survival
    by Ovnev
  15. Incalescence
    by Ovnev
  16. Incalescence
    by Ovnev
  17. A Swing of Sickle to Summers Dawn
    by Witches Moon
  18. Love Exchange Failure
    by White Ward
  19. Age Of Ascendancy
  20. Death of Mankind... (Split with Dominion)
    by Nae'blis
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. Alma
    by Windfaerer
  22. Ara II
    by Echushkya
  23. II
    by Ethicist
  24. As Mourning Descends
    by Cabra
    As Mourning Descends As Mourning Descends
    This entire EP starts out really great and familiar, but then gets experimental with the synths working VERY well to create an unholy atmosphere. Just gets better and better each song! Living in Ohio (cold, cornfields, and catholics), it's important to have good black metal like these guys around \m/
  25. Filosofem
    by Burzum
  26. The Death of Crann Bethadh (Demo)
    by Spellbine
  27. Taste in Pain
  28. Boneyard
    by Ash (USA)
  29. This Forlorn Odyssey
    by Doomsayer
  30. Man of God
    by Mourning by Morning
  31. Snake Charmer Digital Album
    by Olathia
  32. Dust and Ethers
    by Echushkya
  33. II
    by Ethicist
  34. Beyond The Forest
    by Valdrin
  35. Inferno Metal
    by Devils
  36. Hespera - In Absence
    by Hespera
  37. The Black Mass Covenant
    by Funeral Of God
  38. Athanasia - The Order of the Silver Compass
    by ‡ Athanasia ‡
  39. Soleo - EP
    by Soleo
  40. Odenic
    by Benighten Empire
  41. We Are Infinitus
    by Cabra
  42. Mourning By Morning
    by Mourning By Morning
  43. Death Culture
    by Black Shroud
  44. Matter
    by Crossing the Rubicon
  45. Duality of Man
    by Hoof & Horn