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  1. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
  2. The Night They Came Home
    by Mr. Bungle
  3. Omens
    by Elder
  4. Bantha Rider
    by Bantha Rider
  5. Binary Sunset Massacre
    by Bantha Rider
  6. Cry Is For The Flies
    by Le Butcherettes
  7. El Quemadero
    by Baläte
  8. Path of Eight
    by Mouth of the Architect
  9. Satanic Planet
    by Satanic Planet
  10. Merging in Light
    by In the Company of Serpents
  11. God is Good
    by OM
  12. A Patient Man
    by Cult Leader
  13. Stranded in the Mystery Zone
    by Dead Moon
  14. Second Line
    by DAWN
  15. BBC Radio 1
    by OM
  16. Sólo Soy Pueblo (Llanto)
    by Le Butcherettes
  17. Opening Fire: 2008-2014
  18. Strange Pray Tell
    by Dead Moon
  19. My Mechanical Man
    by Pobzygl
  20. Tonic Immobility
    by Tomahawk