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  1. Sounds and Looks Like Life
    by Electronic Cottage
  2. sounds and looks like life director's mix
    by Electronic Cottage
  3. Electronic Cottage Compilation 7
    by various
  4. Uhumsk Jord
    by Danish Painist
  5. Maron
    by Danish Painist
  6. Electronic Cottage Compilation 6: Rubber Stamp Sound
    by Electronic Cottage
  7. Geological Plots And Subway Rifts
    by Paolo L. Bandera + Mark Solotroff
  8. Menthol Bridge
    by Föräldrarna
  9. Deadtime Stories
    by Larry Juris
  10. Ghosthouse
    by Piero Montanari
  11. Spookies OST
    by Ken Higgins, Jim Calabrese
  12. Decomping Dirt Roads... And Where They May Lead
    by ALKOHOL
  13. The Eternal Suffering
    by Danish Painist
  14. February 2020 Report
    by Rafael González and Hal McGee, with Dylan Houser
    ¡Genial mis amigos!
  15. Simply Fun
    by Macroglossia
  16. Death's Deal
    by Viktimized Karcass
  17. Remission
    by Cancerous Growth
  18. Sick Of This & That
    by Mental Anguish
  19. Thee Stench Of Death
    by various
  20. Madness & Mayhem
    by Viktimized Karcass