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  1. The Vermilion King
    by Empirine
  2. Demiurgus
    by Equipoise
  3. Of Sunless Realms
    by Inferi
  4. The Serapeum
    by Nader Sadek
  5. Unreleased Demos (2011 - 2016)
    by Neurotech
  6. Solipsist
    by The Zenith Passage
    Holographic Principle II: Convergence Holographic Principle II: Convergence
    Best. Simulation. Ever!
  7. Cosmic Dissonance (Remastered)
    by The Zenith Passage
  8. Kindly Bent to Free Us
    by Cynic
  9. Controverse (LP 2016)
    by God Syndrome
  10. Martyrs of the Storm
    by Scarab
    The Dwellers Beneath The Dwellers Beneath
    Hello Metal magazines and reviewers, are you all SLEEPING!? Without question one of the best releases this year. This would be just a solid 10 if the production was a little bit better (clipping), but the compositions are still superb.
  11. Serpents of the Nile
    by Scarab
    Pyramid of Illusions Pyramid of Illusions
    This band is criminally unknown despite their level of musical quality.
  12. Lord of the Alien Seas
    by Die From Sorrow
    In the Eye of the Storm In the Eye of the Storm
  13. Hyperthrash
    by Nylithia
  14. False Light Constructs (feat. Jon Howard)
    by Obsydians
  15. Ascension (feat. Steve Fari)
    by Obsydians
  16. Axiom Fallacy (feat. Guillaume Bideau)
    by Obsydians
  17. Paradox
  18. Nocturnus
    by Nocturnus
  19. Everything Beautiful
    by Akeldama
    Love Forever Threaded Love Forever Threaded
    I love it when the guy's voice goes full Japanese school girl (seriously).
  20. Spartacus
    by ADE
    Decimate the cowards Decimate the cowards