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  1. Final Transmission
    by Cave In
  2. The Rugged Ranges of Curbs & Broken Minds
    by Across Tundras
  3. Hypnotic / Trance
    by Стены Льда
  4. Sisters Of Darkness
    by Marthe
  5. Ipokhondria
    by Proto
  6. Humantagonist
    by KØNDØR
  7. Disillusioned Fire
    by Novarupta
  8. Loss
    by LLNN
  9. On the Tombstones; The Symbols Engraved
    by heathe
  10. IN: Thermoglobal Endpoint
    by Praise the Sun
  11. Nord (Deluxe Edition)
    Par Économie Pendant La Crise On Éteint La Lumière Au Bout Du Tunnel Par Économie Pendant La Crise On Éteint La Lumière Au Bout Du Tunnel
    Apex french post hardcore. Still a great band but really something else during this period. Tip top stuff.
  12. Sins
  13. Opus Tierra
    by NIXA
    Restless Seer Restless Seer
  14. Sulphur English
    by Inter Arma
  15. You Built The Altar, You Lit The Leaves
    by SIGILS
  16. Espérer Sombrer
    by Vesperine
    Mille Couleurs Mille Couleurs
  17. Grotesque and Inexorable
    by Mad God
  18. Punir
    by FANGE
    Les Boyaux De La Princesse Les Boyaux De La Princesse
  19. Сон Разума Рождает Чудовищ
    by Ad Nihil
  20. Electric scratches demo
    by Lazerkaat
    The axe The axe
  21. Totalitarian
    by Tankograd
  22. Sombre Dessein
    by Herod
  23. Road to Nowhere; Paved With Bones
    by Foreboder
  24. A Shortcut To Insanity
    by Lightsabres
    Born Screaming Born Screaming
  25. Devil's Night To All Souls (split w/Blissful Stream)
    by Lightsabres
    Lightsabres - Darkness On My Trail Lightsabres - Darkness On My Trail
  26. Hibernation
    by Lightsabres
    Throw It All Away Throw It All Away
    I didn't expect this to be so catchy
  27. Beheaded
    by Lightsabres
  28. The Ground
    by Dead Seconds
  29. Sinners
    by Void Frontier
  30. S / T
    by EYES
  31. Hell services cost a Lot
    by Weird Tales
  32. Wicked Worlds
    by Birnam Wood
  33. You will be the bones
    by vandampire
  34. Raum
    by Absent/Minded
  35. Utter Discomfort
    by Religious Observance
  36. The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes
    by Witchkiss
  37. Genus Vitiosum
    by Ypres
  38. Abyss Between the Stars
    by URSA
  39. Magus
    by Thou
  40. Asylum
    by Shrooms Circle
  41. Magnetism
    by Talbot
  42. Sabbatharium
    by Grave Disgrace
  43. Calm Black Water
    by REZN
  44. Slave To The Grave
    by Alastor
  45. Bummer - Holy Terror
    by Bummer