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  1. Do You Need Me to Remind You?
    by Greg Puciato
  2. Child Soldier: Creator of God
    by Greg Puciato
  3. May You Be Held
    by SUMAC
  4. Culture Control
    by Minority Threat
  5. KIND
    by Thanya Iyer
    by Chepang
  7. Burning Desire to Draw Last Breath
    by Gulch
  8. 'Bromidic Thrills' b/w 'Bloom & Wither'
    by Imperial Wax
  9. Meditiations in B
    by Old Man Gloom
  10. Angel Wings
    by Engine Kid
  11. Bear Catching Fish
    by Engine Kid
  12. Live at Chicago Music Exchange
    by Torche
  13. Fuck Aerosm*th
    by Bang Bang
  14. PRF/BLM
    by PRF/BLM
  15. Ecstasy in Reverse
    by portrayal of guilt & Street Sects
  16. Every Color of Darkness
    by Prefuse 73
  17. Complex Full Of Phantoms
    by By the End of Tonight
  18. Holy Mother of Christ! It's the Best of the Beat Angels
    by Beat Angels
  19. Wayward Love Down A Long Dead Road
    by ZZ Ramirez & Carrie Keith
  20. Quarentimes Vol 1 NIVA Benefit
    by various