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Eddie Guzman

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  1. self-titled digital download
    by After School Special
  2. When It's Over
    by The Hybrids
  3. Futuro Conjunto
    by Futuro Conjunto
  4. Death From Below
    by The Palatines
  5. Time To Die
    by Ruben Farias
  6. The Murderburgers & Rational Anthem Make A Deal To Do Cool Shit
    by The Murderburgers
  7. Old Bullshit, Rare Bullshit, Previously Unreleased Bullshit & Live Bullshit (2007-2013)
    by The Murderburgers
  8. These Are Only Problems
    by The Murderburgers
  9. The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People
    by The Murderburgers
  10. How To Ruin Your Life (Asian Man Records Re-Release w/ Bonus Tracks)
    by The Murderburgers
  11. ROOKIE
    by Black Kids
  12. Start Again
    by The Follies
  13. Never Made It
    by The Palatines
  14. The Last Page (2016)
    by Bracket
  15. Instructed To Fail
    by Breaklights
  16. L@s Skagaler@s
    by Los Skagaleros
  17. The Follies
    by The Follies
  18. Baby Fat Act 1
    by Screeching Weasel
  19. This Ones For The Lads
    by Down And Outs
  20. Behold
    by Baseborn